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Communication Policy

Employee communication policy

1. Notice Boards

All communication from the management to the employees will be put up on the notice board as early as possible by the management.

2. Bulletin Board

The Company will keep a Bulletin Board at a prominent Location in the Office for all its internal communications. Employees are requested to update themselves on the changes in the Bulletin Board.

3. Instant Messenger

The Company also uses an Instant Messenger connected through a network, for an internal communication. Employees can also make use of the Messenger facility to communicate within themselves. Employees are restricted to send any obscene or vulgar messages to Co-Employees using the Instant Messenger. Offenders will have to face a disciplinary action suggested by the Company.

4. Web Mail

The Company will also use the Web Mail to communicate with the employees.

5. Board Meetings

Board Meetings will be held at frequent intervals and only the Senior Level as authorized by the management are allowed to attend these meetings. Other personnel may be invited to attend on a need basis.

All directors are involved in the decision making process and will have one vote each.

The Managing Director will have the absolute right to decide which subject on the agenda will be put through a voting process and the final decision will be made by the Managing Director or the General Manager in his absence after the vote which will be binding on all Employees.

Minutes of the Previous Board Meeting will be circulated at the subsequent Board Meeting. Staff meetings will be held at least two (2) times a year.

These informative meetings allow Employees to be informed of recent Company activities and changes in the workplace.

6. Suggestion Box.

The Company encourages employees who have suggestions that they do not want to offer orally or in person to write them down and leave them with their Superior or the Management.

Every care will be taken to preserve the Employee’s privacy. No action will be taken on anonymous complaints or suggestions and the management has the right to reject such suggestions.

Suggestions may be sent by e- mail to their respective Superior or Departmental Manager.

7. Procedure for Handling Complaints.

Under normal working conditions, Employees who have a job-related problem, question or complaint should first discuss it with their immediate Superior. At this level, Employees usually reach the simplest, quickest, and most satisfactory solution. If the Employee and Superior cannot solve the problem, the Company encourages the Employee to escalate the issue upwards in the management hierarchy until the problem is resolved.

8. Grievances

An employee shall convey grievances to the Management only in writing.

The Management shall respond, in writing and within a reasonable time, as to whether the grievances would be given due consideration or otherwise. The Management may opt to implement corrective measures immediately or at their discretion, establish a Board of Inquiry to review and consider the grievances. The Board of Inquiry shall recommend to Management the corrective measures to be undertaken.

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