Sample Letter for Lost Company ID Card – Id Card Missing Letter

Letter for Lost Company ID Card - Id Card Missing Letter Sample

If you have lost your company ID card then you must inform your company about the missing ID card formally by writing an email. If you don’t know how to white explanation letter for lost company ID then you can find answers to all your questions here with us.

We bring a format for ID card missing letter. With the sample mail of lost company ID, you can also request form for new ID card. Use this ID card missing letter along with replacement of lost card to write your own letter.

Sample Explanation Letter for Lost Company ID


Rakesh Gupta

52A, Gandhi Nagar

New Delhi

Date: 16.08.18


Adarsh Swami

Human Resource Manager

Fullerton Software Ltd.

New Delhi

Sub: Regarding Loss of Company ID

Dear Mr. Gupta,

I would like to report the loss of my company ID, as of August 20th, 2018. While going back home from work day before yesterday, a pick-pocket stole my wallet which also had my Company ID card. Though I have filed a FIR for the same but I am not very sure whether I will be getting it back or not.

It was a mere accident and therefore, I request you to please issue a replacement of the same to me.

Thanking in anticipation for your assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Rakesh Gupta

Marketing Executive

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