Invoice Format in Excel Sheet Free Download

Hope the attached format of Invoice in Excel Sheet will be of your use. This has to be taken on the company letterhead.


To, Invoice No.
PO Date
SBU Ref.
Kind Attn. Payment Terms
Created By.
Sr. No. Description of Services Total Price (INR)
1 Being amount raised toward recruitment for below empl.
Name            :-
DOJ              :-
Billing Term   :- % on billable CTC Rs.
Add – Service Tax  @ 10%            –
          Education Cess on above@ 2%            –
          Secondary & Higher Education Cess@ 1%            –                     –
TOTAL                     –
( Rupees in words )
Service Tax Reg No. FOR (Consultancy Name)
(Assessee Code )
PAN No. :
 Authorized Signatory


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