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Expectations of Employers for Hospital Volunteer Duties

Hospital volunteer is a thoughtful profession. It is not something that is dependent on your educational qualifications but it is something that is dependent on your experience, understanding of needs of others and proactive approach towards everything that you do. Hospital volunteers cover a wide area of services which includes small gestures like playing music in the lobby of the hospital to something intense like working to make life easier for the patients.

The duties of a hospital volunteer have a wide range. They overlap with the duties of many professionals in the healthcare industry. If you are still in your high school and desire to make a career in this then you can easy have a large experience to make you successful. This is a beautiful profession for all those who wish to make charity and service as their career, who desire to do something good for others, who wish to make life easier for people who are suffering from various problems. This profession helps them bring comfort and happiness to the lives of many people.

There is no strict definition of the work you are required to do as a hospital volunteer as it is subjective to the department you are working in. but there are some qualities and skills that you are expected to have when you are in this profession. Here is a list of these expectations which employers will always have from you.

  • Warm Reception: You are always required to be warm to the guests and visitors. You must always wear a smile on your face.
  • File Management: You must be able to file the documents at the right place and retrieve them as and when needed.
  • Dealing with Trash: You should be able to take out trash as and when needed.
  • Information Sharing: Forwarding mails, passing on information and sharing details with concerned department and personnel is also a part of your duty.
  • Maintain Cleanliness: You are required to keep your work area neat and clean.
  • Visit with Patients: Take patients to doctors or for tests or for an outing in the garden. Just be with them
  • Guide Visitors: Be ready to guide the guests and visitors if they need directions in the campus.
  • Distribution of Goodies: Transport different items like books or newspapers to different departments and sections in the hospital.
  • Clean Patient Rooms: Maintain cleanliness in the rooms of the patients by cleaning trash, putting fresh bed sheets, changing towels etc.
  • Take Orders: Take orders from patients and nurses so that you can offer best care to the patients.
  • Office Work: Attend calls, maintain files, manage papers etc. and various other official things that are a part of office work.
  • Be Polite and Patient: You are required to be polite with the staff, patients and guests and act with patience.
  • Software Dealing: Should be able to work on the company software with ease. Learn different areas of working on it.
  • Cafeteria Cleanliness: Maintain cleanliness in the cafeteria, lobbies etc.
  • Be Professional and Positive: Be positive, even in the most difficult times. Act with utmost professional while dealing with different situations.
  • Procurement: Procure different kinds of material from local vendors that are needed in the hospital on regular basis.
  • Maintain Records: Should be able to maintain all sorts of records and keep them updated.
  • Awareness: Be aware about the policies of the hospital along with policies of State Government, Federal Government and Center. Also ensure that all these policies are followed.
  • Food Refill: Refill food and water for patients as and when needed.
  • Offer Assistance: Like getting wheelchair or walkers for the patients when needed, helping them with the lift etc.
  • Prepare Meals: Must be able to make coffee, tea and other simple refreshments when needed.
  • Food Delivery: Should be able to deliver food to the patients as guided by the doctors without any delays or mistakes.

All these skills are very much necessary if you are a hospital volunteer. Your employer will always look for these qualities in you because they make you a perfect worker.

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Employee Relations

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