Agreement under the Service Contract


Agreement of Service Contract made on this the day of 30th  March, 2007, BY AND BETWEEN

M/s. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX a company Registered under The Companies Act 1956 having its Registered Office at XXXXX, XXXXXXXXXXXXX, Hyderabad – 500082 represented by its Authorised Signatory Mr. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ,

The xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of the Company hereinafter referred to as First part for brevity which term shall unless repugnant to the context mean and include its Successors-in-interest, sister companies, subsidiaries and assignees AND

Mr. XXXXXXXXX S/o Mr. XXXXXXXX, aged about 26 Years, currently residing at xxxxx, XXXXXXX, Hyderabad, 500049… hereinafter referred to as Second Part.


  • The Second part approached the first Part for a suitable employment in first Part Company XXXXXX Technologies Private Limited.
  • The First Part after scrutiny of education qualification certificates of the Second Part has interviewed the Second Part for suitable position and agreed to appoint the Second Part as employee of XXXXXX Technologies Private Limited.
  • The First Part specifically mentioned to the Second Part that the Second Part has to serve XXXXXXX Technologies Private Limited for a term of Twelve (12) months and enter into an “Agreement under the Service Contract”.
  • The Second Part has agreed and accepted the offer made by the First Part on such terms and conditions as mentioned herein.


  • The Second Part has agreed to serve XXXXXXX Technologies Private Limited for a term of Twelve (12) months on such terms and conditions as mentioned herein.
  • The period of Twelve (12) months for this agreement starts from the date the Second Part joins the Office.
  • The Second part if resigns from the services of the First Part earlier than the period as agreed and as stated at clause I for any reason attributable to the second part, then Second part hereby agree to give 60 (Sixty) days notice to the first part and second part further agree to abide with clause No IX as stated hereunder.
  • During the period of the contract, the Second Part shall faithfully, diligently and to the best of the ability discharge the responsibilities. The Second Part shall confirm to carry out and obey all orders, directions and instructions of the first part and/or Authorities during the term of his employment and shall use his endeavor to promote the interest of Halcyon Technologies.
  • The Second Part shall devote his time and attention in receiving the necessary instructions or other purposes for which he has been engaged and shall not absent himself from duty at any time without prior written sanction of the First Part.
  • The Second Part shall carry out all the duties and responsibilities of his position and shall perform all such work as may be entrusted to him or as he may be called upon or required to do such capacity, with due-diligence, punctuality and to the best of his ability and skill, and shall conduct himself honestly, faithfully and diligently at all times throughout the period of the term of his employment and shall not be guilty of any negligence, misconduct or misbehavior or commit any breach of this Agreement.
  • During the employment period and thereafter, the Second part will not give out to anyone in writing or by word of mouth or otherwise particulars or details of work process, technical know-how, research carried out, security arrangements and/or matters of confidential or secret nature which Second Part may come across during his service period with Halcyon Technologies.
  • The Second Part shall subject to be governed by the service rules, standing Orders and regulations of first Part in force from time to time, so far as they are not at variance with the terms herein contained and thereafter.
  • In case the Second Part at any time makes a breach of all or any of the Provisions of this Agreement or fails to carry out all or any of his obligations hereunder, this Agreement shall automatically stand Terminated and the second part shall forthwith return to the First Part an amount equivalent to 6 (Six) months worth of monthly salary as stated in the offer letter. In case the Second Part fails to pay back the amount, the First Part shall be entitled to recover the same from any of the monetary claims that the Second Part may have or by having recourse to legal proceedings against Second Part at Second Part’s risk, cost and/or from Second part’s  heirs, executors administrators, sureties etc.,

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the First Part and the Second Part acting in person have signed and executed this Agreement in their respective names and on their behalf and delivered to the First Part on the Day, month and year first above written.


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First Part                                                      Second Part

XXXXXXXXX                                                 XXXXXXXXXXX

For M/s. XXXXXX Technologies Pvt. Ltd.          


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