Career Development

4 Parts of a personal learning plan

1. Assessment.

First, identify your current skills, knowledge, abilities, and interests. A previous article in this series (5) describes the needs assessment process.

2. Goals.

Identify the new skills, knowledge, and experiences you would like to acquire and have. Do these goals match your personal and career interests? Are your goals in agreement with your organization’s goals, mission and vision?

3. Learning purpose.

Identify the gap between the current situation and the desired outcome. This will produce a statement of purpose that should clarify why you want to learn something, and what specific skills, knowledge and abilities you wish to develop.

4. Learning objective(s).

Identify what skills, knowledge, and abilities are to be acquired or enhanced. Remember that this is only a plan, not a rigid promise; your plan can and should be revised as your goals change and as learning occurs.

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