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Sample Training Needs Assessment Template

Example of Employee Training Need Assessment Form Process / Method / Steps with questionnaire & Analysis in Companies in  Excel Sheet.


Emp. Name: Emp.ID: Location:
Name of Supervisors (worked so far) Dept: Date:
I. Function Skills

Self Assessment

Assessment by Supervisor


Current Skills

Need for Training

Current Skills

Need for Training

a) Delivery1)  Business Analysis

2)  Financial Analysis

(incl Ratio Analysis)

3) Accounting

4) Equity Research

5) Domain Specific Skills (Please


6) Project Management

7) Data Searching

8) Others (Please specify)

b) Sales & Marketing


a) Account Management

b) Negotiation Skills

c) Marketing

d) Others (Please specify)

II. Soft Skills

a) Oral communication/


b) Written communication/Report


c)  Time Management

d)  Inter personal skills

e)  People Management

f)  Interviewing

g)  Others (Specify)

Your suggestions, if any, for Specific Training Programmes:
Considering your current skills & interests, would you like any other Function/Role, if an opportunity presents?
Assessment:  A – Good,   B –Satisfactory,     C- Needs improvement
Needs Training:  Yes  /  No

Simple to use training needs analysis template in excel format.

Click Here To Download Training Need Assessment Format

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