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Stress evaluation

 I have Attached Stress evaluation

Name                                       : ________________________________________________________

Age                                          : Below 30 / 31-40/ 41-50 / 51-58 ______________________________

Marital Status                           : Married / Unmarried  _______________________________________

Qualification                             : 12th / B.A./B.Sc/ Diploma in Engg / B.E. / BCA/ MCA/ any other


Years of Service in B.P.O.        : Less than 5 Years / 5-10 / 10-20 /20-30 / More than 30 Years__________

Name of the Company : ___________________________________________________________

Location of the Company          : ___________________________________________________________

No. of Employees                     :____________________________________________________________

Your Designation                      : ____________________________________________________________

Telephone Number                   : ____________________________________________________________

E-mail ID                                 : _____________________________________________________________

Address                                   : _____________________________________________________________


Please choose any one answer for each of the following statements. The five options given are



SA                   –                       Strongly Agree

A                     –                       Agree

U                     –                       Undecided

D                     –                       Disagree

SD                   –                       Strongly Disagree

















1. My Job tends to interfere with my family life.          
2. I am afraid I am not learning enough in my present Job for taking up higher


3. I am not able to satisfy the conflicting demands of various people above me.          
4. My Job has recently been reduced in Importance.          
5. My workload is too heavy.          
6. Other Job occupants do not give enough attention and time to my Jobs.          
7. I do not have adequate Knowledge to handle the responsibilities in my Job.          
8. I have to do things in my Job, which are against my better Judgement.          
9. I am not clear on the scope and responsibilities of my Job.          
10. I do not get the Information needed to carry out responsibilities assigned to me.          
11. I have other interests (social, religious, etc.), which remain neglected because I do not

get time to attend to these.

12. I am too preoccupied with my present job responsibility to be able to prepare for

taking up higher responsibilities.

13. I am not able to satisfy the conflicting demands of my colleagues and juniors.          
14. Many functions that should be a part of my job have been assigned to some other


15. The amount of work I have to do interfere with the quality I want to maintain.          
16. There is not enough interaction between me and other colleagues of mine.          
17. I wish I had more skills to handle the responsibilities of my Job.          
18. I am not able to use my training and expertise in my Job.          
19. I do not Know what the people I work with expect of me.          
20. I do not get enough resource to be effective in my Job.          
21. My job does not allow me enough time for my family.          
22. I did not have time and opportunities to prepare myself for the future challenges of my


23. I am not able to satisfy the demands of clients and others, since these are conflicting

with one another.

24. I would like to take on more responsibility than I am handling at present.          
25. I have been given too much responsibility.          
26. I wish there were more consultation between me and my colleagues.          
27. I have not had the right training for my Job.          
28. The work I do in the organization is not related to my interests.          
29. Several aspects of my Job are vague and unclear.          
30. I do not have enough people to work with me in my Job.          
31. My organizational responsibilities interfere with my extra organizational Jobs.          
32. There is very little scope for personal growth in my Job.          
33. The expectations of my seniors conflict with those of my juniors.          
34. I can do much more than what I have been assigned.          
35. There is a need to reduce some parts of my Job.          
36. The responsibilities of my Job interfere with my personal activities.          
37. I wish I had prepared myself for my Job.          
38. If I had full freedom to define my job, I would be doing some things differently from

the way I do them now.

39. My Job has not been defined clearly and in detail.          
40. I am rather worried that I lack the necessary facilities needed in my Job.          
41. My family and friends complain that I do not spend time with them due to heavy

Demands of my work.

42. I feel stagnant in my Job.          
43. I am bothered with the contradictory expectations different people have from my Job.          
44. I wish I had been given more challenging tasks to do.          
45. I feel overburdened in my Job.          
46. Even when I take the initiative for discussions or help, there is not much response

from the others in my organization.

47. I need more training and preparation to be effective in my work.          
48. I experience a conflict between my values and what I have to do in my Job.          
49. I am not clear what the Priorities are in my job.          
50. I wish I had more financial resources for the work assigned to me.          

1.      Is your salary at Company adequate?

(a) Adequate    (b) Somewhat adequate   (c) Not adequate

2.      Do you ever have to work on weekends and holidays?

(a) Always        (b) Sometimes                 (c) Never

3.      Do you always have to work more than normal working hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)?

(a) Always        (b) Sometimes                 (c) Never

4.      Do you feel your supervisor / boss understands your problems?

(a) Always Understands       (b) Sometimes Understands                (c) Never Understands

5.      Do you have all the material required for your job available all the time?

(a) Always Available       (b) Sometimes Available                (c) Never Available

6.      Do you think promotions at your Company are timely?

(a) Timely        (b) Just O.K.                 (c) Not timely

7.      Are you rewarded when you do your Job well?

(a) Always rewarded       (b) Sometimes rewarded               (c) Never rewarded

8.      Do you ever feel organizational pressure to do things against your better judgement?

(a) Yes Always        (b) Sometimes                 (c) Never

9.      Do you ever feel outside (political/social) pressure to do things against your better judgement?

(a) Yes Always        (b) Sometimes                 (c) Never

10.  Do you ever do something related to your job, which you know is wrong?

(a) Always        (b) Sometimes                 (c) Never

11.  Does your family ever suffer because you do not spend enough time at home?

(a) Always        (b) Sometimes                 (c) Never

12.  Do you ever feel that you do not have enough time for leisure activities?

(Sports, social get together)

(a) Always        (b) Sometimes                 (c) Never

13.  Tick the no. of diseases you are suffering or have suffered from in recent past. (You can tick any number)

(a) Headache       (b) Dull aches & Pains       (c) Fatigue        (d) High Blood Pressure       (e) Ulcers                 (f) Angina         (f) Any Other (g) Not any

14.  Are you taking any medication for the above

(a) Yes                 (b) Sometimes              (c) No

15. Do you think you participate in Decision making Process of your Organization?

(a) Yes Participate                 (b) Sometimes Participate         (c) Never Participate

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