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Policy For Cellular Sim Card

I have attached policy for mobile sim cards in company.




1.               INTRODUCTION


Objective :


Amendment to certain changes in policy Ref 13 Jul arising out of clarity of identification of calls (personal/official) against the use of Company Sim Cards. This policy is designed to provide cellular Sim Card facility to all key functionaries of the organization, to empower them in attending official exigencies. The purpose of this policy is to facilitate the Employees in their jobs by increasing communication with the distribution network /trade and to prevent them from hassle of purchasing pre paid cards.


This policy applies to staff eligible as management consider appropriate.




The preparation of this policy, procedure, forms, and letters, its revision along with justification & obtaining approval from the COO and its implementation and monitoring is the responsibility of CS Department.


The Company will provide the official SIM to all entitled staff.


This SIM is returnable upon transfer / discontinuation of the service to the company / company assigned person.


This facility is provided purely for official purpose. Though the company will pay the bills directly to the service provider, cost of all personal calls should be borne by the staff. The user must indicate their personal calls before the due date to CS Department (15th of every month).



The telephone bills will be available at the reception and individual members are responsible to collect the same by 1st of every month, mark the personal calls, value added services & sum the value for deduction on the bill with their signatures and return it to the Reception within three working days so that it can be collected by the representative of the HR department for further action.


In the event of non receipt of duly marked & signed bill before the due date, the CS department is authorized to deduct the entire bill amount (exceeding Rs 350/-) from the individual’s salary for the following month.


In case of loss of SIM, the employee must inform the CS Department as soon as possible to avoid any misuse of the SIM.


If any bill exceeds the maximum limit i.e. Rs 350/-then he/she will have to get necessary approvals from the reporting manager and need to identify all such official calls, Employees must provide a detailed copy of their bill to the CS Dept with the purpose of the call written next to the telephone number and the telephone number highlighted, otherwise the excess amount will be deducted from the subsequent month’s salary.


Value Added Services (viz., SMS, MMS, Downloads, etc.) will be debited to their respective personal account.


The company has implied authority to recover the cost of personal calls from the compensation payable to the employees.


The company reserves the sole right to modify or cancel the scheme at any time without giving any notice totally or individually.




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