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Sample Show Cause Notice Format for Employees

Please find the Show Cause Notice format basing on Company Standing Orders.

December 22 : 2012

Mr.Srikanth P.F. No. 3744
S/o. Appalaswamy ESI No. 173054
Weaving Department EMP ID. 220129
ABC Co. Ltd.,

While employed in Weaving Department as a Weaver in ‘C’ Shift on 19-12-2012 the following acts of omissions / commissions are found against you:

On the above said day in ‘C’ Shift on Loom No.551 you had produced cuts with 62 Gaws and Weaving faults which was absolutely useless and not even a single bag can be made out of it and thereby caused a great loss to the Company. This apparently shows your willful gross negligence and inefficiency on your duty.

The above act of yours is of a serious misconduct under Section M1( c ), M1(d ), M2(11) and M2(13) of the Certified Standing Orders of the Company which reads as follows :

“Careless or negligent work” … M1(c)
“Laziness and inefficiency” … M1(d)
“Gross neglect of work” … M2(11)
“Willful or irresponsible action resulting in damage to any goods or property
of the Company” … M2(13)

You are hereby called upon to submit your explanation within 48 hours in writing as to why disciplinary action should not be taken against you for the above misconduct.

If you fail to submit your explanation within the stipulated period, it will be presumed that you have no explanation to offer and necessary action will be taken against you for the above misconduct as per the Certified Standing Orders of the Company.

Pending further enquiry, you are hereby suspended forthwith.


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