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Wrongful Termination Letter of Appeal

I am attaching the letter to appeal an employment termination.


By ‘Registered AD (with Acknowledgement Due Receipt from the party)’ of the Indian Postal services

Dated 29th May 2013

From Mr. Krishna Mathur



Ms. Akhil Sharma

Managing Director,

Arvind Trade Pvt Ltd


Sub: Illegal Termination of my services with effect from ……….

I was employed with the Arvind Trade Pvt Ltd Pvt Ltd with effect from ……on a full time employment on a salary of Rs…

My duties inter-alia included clerical, technical and manual work, though I was given a misleading designation of “Team Lead-Quality”. Due to my outstanding work performance and profits to the company, I was give a promotion as “CSM” within 3 months, there is record to this effect in the company and I hold copies thereof.

While I was discharging my duties with utmost honest, integrity, devotion and diligence, to my utter surprise and dismay, on 13.05.2013, when I was entering the office building as usual, I was forcibly stopped at the entrance of the office building by one Ms. Sumar Singh who was accompanied by the security staff and other officers of the company. They also physically prohibited and restrained me from entering the office building at the beginning of the working hours on 13.05.2013.

The company has thus illegally terminated my services forcefully and by using muscle power and I have been restrained from attending the work place and discharge my duties. The company officials threatened me to physical assault in case I turn up to the company even for my monetary dues.

The company authorities have clearly wrapped up all the labour and industrial laws and illegally terminated my services, by using muscle power and thus have resorted to illegal and unfair labour practices by illegal termination and victimization. Even my salaries are illegally withheld by the company officials by using physical force, besides harassing me in every manner possible, the details of which will be disclosed to the appropriate authorities at the right time. Please therefore take my demand notice, as under:

1)    I be reinstated in the same position and same salary with retrospective effect

2)    I be paid salary which has not been paid to me from 01.04.2013 till date and my salary has been illegally and immorally withheld for no good and sufficient reasons.

3)    I be paid the cost of this notice, worked out to Rs.25000/, immediately.

If any of these demands in the notice are not fulfilled, I shall be constrained to take up the matter with the Police, Labour Commissioner of Haryana and such other authorities at my discretion at your own cost and expenses.

Yours faithfully,

(Krishna Mathur)


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