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5 Common Recruitment Mistakes

5 Common Recruitment Mistakes

As for many employers, recruiting a candidate that meets their expectation is not an easy task. The reason is that the employers often make some simple mistakes in the selection of candidates. If you intend to recruit new employees for your company, take a look at the following common mistakes that employers often make

1. Poor “leading” in the interview:

Being able to conduct an interview successfully is not an easy task at all. The importance is that you have to ask the right questions to decide whether or not the candidate is the one the company is seeking.

2. Subjective Recruitment:

This is a rather common mistake that many employers make. Being asked for help by others or being impressed by the candidate’s outlook and speaking manner are the reasons to this mistake.

As an employer, you should pay attention to candidate who has all (but not some) of necessary factors to become the best for the recruitment position.

3. Wrong recruitment:

In case you employ a skilled and qualified person, but not of the profession required for the recruitment, you made a wrong recruitment. Just check carefully every requirement of the recruitment and compare with the information the candidates provide you when they apply for the job.

4. Not Re-checking the information of the candidates:

If you pay attention to several outstanding candidates, you should check twice their covering letters and application forms they sent you.

You should also spend time checking the basic information in the candidate’s resume and comparing the resume with attached letter for any in-conformity.

5. Being “overwhelmed” by the candidate’s diploma:

Do you think a candidate with many diplomas or certificates shall do well in work? Actually, having many diplomas but lacking of actual experiences often results in easy failure. Many employers are attracted to the candidate’s list of diplomas and certificates but not remembering that actual experiences are more important than book knowledge.

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