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Qualities to become Good HR person

The Following Would be the Basic Deliverable, Characteristics, Knowledge & Skills Expected Out of a HR Person:


1. Define what is “Right Person” for each of the position.
2. Develop a process which will get the “Right Persons” into the organization.
3. Recruit & Select the employees in accordance to the process.
4. Constantly mentor these employees and see to that their job related skills are developed continuously as required by the organization.
5. Keep them motivated towards Organizational Goal.


1.Judgment of people’s attitudes & behaviors.
2. Empathetic (share someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in their situation)
3. Earnest (sincere & serious) & committed in your work.
4. Diplomatic (Able to manage a difficult situation without upsetting anyone)
5. Change yourself according to the demand of time.
6. Strategist.( Able to forecast future, develop plans and achieve the results)


1. Highly People Interactive personality.
2. Good communication & Convincing ability.
3. Strong grasping power.
4. Ability to analyze a situation & can able to resolve grievances.
5. Good Coordinating skills.
6. Good in Forecasting the future and preparing plans for it.
7. Learning & Leadership skills.
8. Motivating Skills.


1. Excellent knowledge of Human Behavior.
2. Knowledge of related Laws & their procedures.

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