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Team Building Meeting Invitation Email Sample

For any company to be successful, team building is a must. That’s the reason companies organize team lunch, dinner parties, cricket match, holidays etc. to bring the team closer. We have already shared Sample invitation letter for Annual staff party, Annual dinner invitation email to staff etc. to help you invite your staff for company get-togethers. Now, we have a team invitation email sample designed for you. Using this official meeting invitation email, you can formally invite all the team members to attend the event.

Team Building Meeting Invitation Template

Date: 29.06.18

Dear Team Members,

This is to inform you that the Marketing Department is organizing a Team Building Meeting for all our staff members on 2nd July, 2018 at Meeting Audi- I from 11 a.m. till 7 p.m.

In order to grow in our career, it is extremely important that we grow together and that can only happen if we work as a team so that our skills and talents synergize to bring better results. That’s the reason our department keeps organizing various team building activities from time to time.

At this event, we have organized a meeting in which all team members will be asked to share their experiences as the team member. They can also come up with suggestions or share reasons which restrict them from delivering the performance they expect to. There will also be a few team building indoor games along with a lunch sponsored by the Company.

We look forward to your presence at this team building event which is been organized for helping each one of us grow. In case you think you will not be able to attend this meeting, kindly inform the same to Ms. Geeta Gupta at 98989-12345.

Best Regards,

Anjali Sharma

Marketing Manager

Fullerton Technology Ltd.

Download quick and easy Team Building Meeting Invitation Email template in Word format. You can have it customized to suit your subjective requirement.

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How to Write Formal Confirmation Email for Attending Meeting

If you have received an invitation for attending a meeting then you must reply to the invitation. It is important to respond to the invitation so that the host is aware about your presence or absence. Sending a formal confirmation email for attending meeting is highly recommended as it is the right conduct.

Given below are some steps which must be followed to write a perfect professional email confirming your attendance at the meeting. Use these steps to write your email and you would never go wrong!!!

Always Address it Correct

You must address your email to the right person. Technically, you should write your response to the person from whom you have received the invitation or else any other name mentioned in the invitation for RSVP.

Come Straight to the Point

You must without any delay come straight to the point because of which you are writing this email. If you are attending the meeting then you must confirm your attendance. Do not forget to mention the date and time of the meeting.

Talk About Work, If Any

If you have to carry a report along or make some presentation at the meeting then you must also mention that you will come prepared with the task.

Enclosures, If Any

If you think you are required to send any attachments with the mail, include them in your email and end your letter.

These steps will surely make this task a lot easier for you and you will be able to draft a precise formal confirmation email with perfection.

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How to Write a Meeting Confirmation Letter Reply

The purpose of writing a confirmation letter is to confirm the time, venue and purpose of the meeting or a job interview or any other formal oral agreement. You can even send a confirmation letter in response to an invitation. Such letters are specific and short and follow a simple format.

This post talks about the important steps that are needed to be kept in mind while framing a formal meeting confirmation letter reply. Use these guidelines to write a customized letter with essential points.

  1. Always Use Company’s Letterhead

When you are sending a confirmation letter then make sure that you write such letters on the letterhead, if the confirmation is related with you professional or business matters. This is important because it then becomes an official document of your company. This should carry the contact details and address of your office.

  1. Mind the Salutation

It is very important that you select the right salutation while starting your letter as your letter should address to the right person. The best way to begin your letter is with “Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr. etc.”

  1. Confirm the Details of the Meeting

The very first paragraph of the letter must focus on confirming the meeting. Make sure that you confirm your presence in the meeting along with mentioning the time, date and location of the meeting to avoid any confusion thereby bringing clarity in the agreement.

  1. Mention Other Important Details

If there is anything important that needs to be mentioned in context with the meeting like terms and conditions, important agreements etc. then you must include them in brief in the next paragraph.

  1. Ask for Follow Up

The last and the final paragraph of this letter must include a line requesting the recipient to contact you if there is any confusion or doubt. Ask them to inform you about any issues that need attention to avoid confusion.

  1. End with a Thank You

Always end your letter with a Thank You. This is considered as a good gesture. This must follow Sincerely, Regards etc. followed by your name and signature. For business letter, make sure you use your full name along with your designation.

  1. Proofread

Make sure you proofread the letter before sending it to the other party to check for any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

Using all these steps, you can frame a professional meeting confirmation letter without missing on anything important.

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Business Meeting Acceptance Letter

If you have received an invitation to a business meeting then you must send a formal acceptance letter which expresses your acceptance and eagerness to attend the meeting. It is important to write a well framed letter as it exhibits your professionalism and your interest in the meeting. Such letters are generally very brief and to the point and do not include too much of information. Short sentences and simple words are all you need.

If you also have to write such a business meeting acceptance letter then here is a format sample to help you deal with it. If you have received this invitation on behalf of your company then you must send this acceptance letter on your company’s letterhead.

Business meeting acceptance letter

Adam Smith

XYZ Technology,

22, Nicholas Street


Ph: 1234-5678

Date: 28.09.15


Andrew Joseph,

ABC City Bank

52 Park Street


Dear Sir,

This letter is in response to your meeting invitation focusing on discussions related with Money Utilities in Information Technology for Better Growth. I am happy to accept this invitation and will be meeting you on 1st October, 2015 for this event.

I am grateful to you for extending this offer to me and I am sure that this will be a good platform to discuss all the opportunities that can help us grow mutually.

We shall have discussions related with different means of optimizing technology to make the best use of money. I would happy to present you with different technological ideas that can be of great help.

I believe this meeting is going to be a big game changer for both of us and we will bring a new change in the present markets.

Thanking You.


Adam Smith

XYZ Technology

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Minutes of Meetings File

I am attaching herewith Minutes of Meeting file.

Click Here To Download Minutes of Meetings Section

Click Here To Download MOM dated 14.07.07

Click Here To Download MOM dated 23.04.08 at Panchkula

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