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Material Handling and Back Safety :PPT

Many workers suffer back injuries each year, which cost employers and add to the employees’ pain and suffering.

Manual handling of loads (MHL), manual material handling (MMH) involves the use of the human body to lift, lower, fill, empty, or carry loads. Most manufacturing or distribution systems require some manual handling tasks. When performed incorrectly or excessively, these tasks may expose workers to physical risk factors, fatigue, and injury. A variety of MMH techniques and tools exist to alleviate these potential problems.

Few tips to avoid easily ergonomics issue’s while Performing the job;
Eliminating lifting from the floor and using simple transport devices like carts or dollies.
Using lift-assist devices like scissors lift tables or load levelers.
Using more sophisticated equipment like powered stacker, hoists, cranes, or vacuum assist devices.
Guiding your choice of equipment by analyzing and redesigning work stations and work flow.


Have a look on the presentation.


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