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How to Become a Good HR Professional

Learn How to Become a Good HR Professional.

Excellence is the outcome of the right attitude mixed with professional approach and better personality. If you lag behind in these aspects, no matter how well educated you may be, you will never be able to reach your goal. When it comes to HR Professionals, they ought to take extra special care. Parameters like the way they carry themselves, behave and present themselves in front of others matters a lot. They are mobile brands and carry the image of their company wherever they go. They are associated with a professional graph where real business decisions are made and unprecedented opportunities keep waiting.

Bureau of Labor Statistics opines that, amidst all the profession, HR tends to be recession-proof and the same is anticipated to rise faster over the next decade. Today we are up with the top best qualities that you must have as a good HR to make you shine out from the rest:

1. A bachelor’s degree is a must

Get a degree in any one of the following area of studies:

  • Business Administration
  • Labor Relations
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • English
  • Accounting
  • Management

A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) or in Human Resources or Labor Relations will be add on and serve as a better perk. They help you get better exposure in areas such as organizational structure, bargaining, and dispute resolution.

2. Get your priorities straight

One of the most common situations HR professionals face is they require to choose between a ‘yes ‘and a ‘no’. You being an HR cannot afford to become confused. Understand the priorities of your organization and decide wisely. You must be an efficient risk taker. You cannot have expectations from your team or internal customers. You will have to take stand all by yourselves.

3. Good time management skills

You must be able work according to set timings. A quality most anticipated is to meet deadlines at any cost. Functional areas like recruitments, employee relations, talent management, career development, benchmarking etc. no doubt cannot have a rigid time frame, but just a rough one will increase your work power and potentiality. You cannot be uncertain, confused or make open ended commitment of any sort.

4. Decide on the right parameters to rate employees

Do not mix profession with personal grudges. When it comes to comparison, make sure to do so with performances, situations & circumstances and not with individuals. Do not compare people; instead analyze their behavior upon their individual personality. Basic principle of management says, ‘no two individuals are same’ and so thus psychology.

5. Understand the business goals and objectives of your company

Your background research should have to be very strong. You cannot remain confused with the objectives because success of the same will be a responsibility on your shoulder. According to Virgin Management Consultancy, almost 67% of HR Professionals in USA and 83% in India hardly knows about the company’s business. They have no idea about revenue influx or the business model of their company.

6. Have a vision and create a goal

Decide your goals for the company. Have a plan to take your organization to the next level and proceed with it. Decide on areas such as Competitive Compensation, Organization Development, and Talent Management and so on. You will have to work in close relationship with HR heads and together lead the company forward as a good HR professional.

7. Understanding of theory and politics

Being an HR professional, you need to be good at Numbers, Data, Figures, Calculations, Analysis and Projections. This is one of the areas where India has been lagging behind. Well, for sure they come up with awesome plan and strategies but when it comes to implementation, they simply are held back due to lack of interest in statics and calculations.

8. Be a coach and a mentor

Employees need help and you being a good HR professional must be able to deliver that. Your role is crucial. You have the advantage to help them change their perception and behavior for the good of the company. Use your professional skill and be ready to help them with their problems. Groom them to become successful with their lives and you will never be forgotten.

9. Importance of self discipline

HR Professionals highly requires being self disciplined. You must be able to set benchmark for others. You must be their role model, someone they are able to look up to. Plus you must be trust worthy as well. When employees share information, ideas, suggestions, future related, dreams etc. they expect you to be totally confidential. Hence, never break their trust.

10. Important things to remember

You must have to have a good knowledge about areas such as key productivity, revenue growth, profit, company’s current share price, primary product brands, product manufactured, service delivered, products/services marketed and sold, key suppliers and customers and various competitive advantages.

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