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Most Adopted HR Practices by Organizations in India

Most Adopted HR Practices by Organizations in India

Human Resource department in any organization is on the role today. They are the biggest influencers on which the rise and fall of the company depend upon. With the rapid rise of numerous small and large scale companies in the country, development in this aspect is required for better output. Hence, we have come up with the top best HR strategies and practices applied by organizations in India. Read on for the full insight.

Best HR Practices by Indian Organizations

  1. Creating a friendly work environment in the corporate sector
  2. Maintaining good work-life value proposition
  3. Maintaining good work-personal life proposition
  4. Convenient vacation options
  5. Variability in options
  6. To be treated as members and not employees in the company
  7. Creating a employee committee with authentic authority
  8. Provision for recreational activities, social services and food component
  9. Creation of database for employee suggestions
  10. Discussion and sharing of relevant information with the staff
  11. A beautiful information sharing aura in the office
  12. Conduct essential survey for potential employees
  13. Conduct annual employee survey
  14. Conduct global infrastructure organization survey
  15. Provision of providing daily newsletter in the office
  16. Sharing thought of the day
  17. Celebrating employee’s birthday
  18. Provision for special guest acknowledgment
  19. Sharing HR thought of the day
  20. Provision of sharing Integrity Hotline
  21. Provision of Cross Training
  22. Organizing workshop to liven the strengths and aspirations
  23. Exchange of feedback at all levels of the organization
  24. Provision of target bonus for better performers
  25. Provision for paid leave if out for certain social service
  26. Organizing breakfast meeting with management once a while
  27. Organizing donation program once a while
  28. Sharing various stock options
  29. Appointing punctual and regular employees
  30. Training them in the best possible way for better output
  31. Creating a spectacular workforce
  32. Provision for cross functional job rotation
  33. Solving intra organization disputes
  34. Showing the right interest in working with employees
  35. Openness and transparency attitude towards employees
  36. Home friendly work place for new workforce
  37. Practicing self defense techniques session for women
  38. Provision for work from home
  39. Availability of performance incentives
  40. Provision for professional guidance and support
  41. Helping hand in upgrading skills and dexterity
  42. Conducting the right employee survey
  43. Provision of job rotation i.e. changing the ownership of business
  44. Teaching the basics of multitasking
  45. Mutual care between employees and customers
  46. Boosting just the adequate amount of self-confidence
  47. Creating a beautifully cultured environment
  48. Raising the scale of performance high
  49. Recruiting the best candidate
  50. Provision for reimbursement of examination fees at times of employee professional development
  51. Rewarding employees for better ideas
  52. 24X 7 available HR team
  53. Conducting effective management program in NMIMS for new managers
  54. Provision for 5 days annual leaves allowance
  55. Conducting meetings between employee and management for better output
  56. Taking care of social services
  57. Provision of better training for better performance
  58. Provision for effective social recognition and promotion
  59. Provision of travel bonuses in the company
  60. Survey relating to Annual Organization Climate
  61. Coming up with programs such as Buddy Programme
  62. Uplifting the i4 viz. Ingenious, Idea, Incubation & Implementation
  63. Organizing training hours for various departments
  64. Allowing internal promotions to motivate employees
  65. Knowledge sharing sessions
  66. Conducting discussion sessions once a while
  67. Identify and reward employees on their achievements
  68. Adopting individual learning schemes
  69. Allowing mothers work with babies
  70. Provision for half day for new mothers
  71. Using the Tell me box. Criticizing each other for betterment
  72. Adopting the work policy of 5 days
  73. Adopting Fast Track programme for promotion of middle managers
  74. Allowing flexibility of work if necessary
  75. Promoting quality family time
  76. Conducting effective Leadership programme for new interns
  77. Conducting Stress management programme like yoga classes
  78. Strict deadline and leaving provision
  79. Allowing taking along spouses in international trips
  80. Using terms like Members for Employees and Groups for Departments
  81. Sticking up for one another
  82. Providing options to reach out to families of posted out of station
  83. Adopting schemes like Foreign Language Allowance
  84. Special welcoming of new joinees by MD for the personal touch
  85. Leave allowances like paternity leave, birthday, and anniversary leave etc.
  86. Allowance for empathetic leave
  87. Creating a fun working environment
  88. Allowance of Open Door and Transport Policy
  89. Setting up creche for working new mothers
  90. Conducting Behavioral Training programme for better corporation
  91. Promise for family security plans
  92. Right to experiment with innovations
  93. Allowance for sabbatical leave for higher studies
  94. Grand welcome for new employees
  95. Let employees calculate their own bonus during celebrations
  96. Allowance of unlimited leaves for Senior Executives
  97. Flexible work place as per employee’s comfortability
  98. Allotting new roles to bring out hidden talents
  99. Conducting workshops for parents
  100.  Adopting HR policies without hurting local sentiments
  101. Motivating employees to work past revenues


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