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Top Hr Challenges faced by Organizations in India

Top Hr Challenges faced by Organizations in India

Human resource is probably the soul that keeps an organization running. It plays the most important role in understanding the performance quotient of any business. What more? The structure of human resource and the way it operates has an important role to play. Investment does matter, but so does strategies. You cannot get the most out of the employees if you are not able to create a better work environment or uplift their spirit. HR departments in a country like India are gradually evolving. They are mainly trying to focus on areas such as work force and industrial climatic change.

However, in the process, human resources have been facing certain challenges while waiting for things to gear up. We have come up with some of the top challenges faced by HR department in most organizations. Have a look and mend accordingly.

Education system: What our education system lacks is field study and practical knowledge. And hence we lack in technicality. Even from most reputed institutes students with good score cards are not able to start off immediately without training sessions, especially in manufacturing industries, software development and similar technology based industries.

Training session: In India, training sessions are divided into two phases: On the job training and Off the job training. They have to pass months of rigorous training until they are proved fit for the organization. In Off the job training, the individual is taught the aspect of the field through class room training, seminars, conferences, coaching’s etc. and not exposed the roles and responsibilities of the job. This method is simply time killing.

Educational layback: Most companies in India do not allow leave for higher qualification and as result few of the brightest minds are deprived of their deserved opportunity. Hence in most cases potential employees are left with no options but to leave their job. This creates a barrier between the human resource development and the employees.

The learning process: You tend to forget if there is a breakage in consistency. The same applies for employees. Most companies that provide training to their employees do not prove to be adequate if they do not update their database with changing time and technology. This creates a barrier and makes employees less motivated.

Supervising workers: People in this country take up responsibilities at a young age on the basis of their knowledge and potentialities in their field of expertise. Thus a need for individualized career management arises especially in knowledge based sectors like IT, BPOs etc.

Facing challenges: In this century, organizations are getting techno savvy and it has become one of the important aspects of any organization to lure employees into this sector. Technological challenges especially in IT industries are undergoing revolutionary changes in the market.  They are everywhere and only need the right exposure.

Proficiency of HR Managers: HR managers have the most important role to play for the success of any organization. Competent HR professionals sound in HR management practices are in demand these days. They must be able to understand their field of work and come up with improved strategies to bring positive result.  They must have the right leadership quality to run a business with efficiency.

Financial crisis: Most organizations cut down on their human resource development to invest more on sectors like capital investment and management, asset management, fund management, research and development and market research. They fail to understand that it is actually the human resource department that acts as the driving force to keep a business alive.

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