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Sample Application for Advance Salary for Home Construction

A letter requesting an advance salary from the employer can be written for home construction. Here is an example of how a letter for advance salary for home construction can be written:

Sample Salary Advance Request Letter for House Construction


The Manager

Sales Department

Subject: Application for advance salary

Respected Sir,

Most respectfully, I am writing this letter to you to request a sum of $25,000 as advance salary. I am dire need of the amount. The construction of my home was a work in progress until I ran out of funds to pay for it. The work is on hold until I do not pay them this sum of money.

I will be grateful to you for supporting me by considering the request. Please deduct a sum of $1500 from my monthly salary as the installment for repayment of the loan.

Thank you.


Cain Mc Laurie

Jr. Sales Executive

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