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Effective Ways to Handle Employee Grievances in Your Company

When you are the manager or the company owner, you will come across lots of things which are bothering your employees. These grievances can be defined as something real or imaginary feeling of dissatisfaction that an employee has for his job or concerning the management and their policies or the company procedures. Such kind of issues must be expressed by the worker by bringing it in the notice of the management so that best possible actions can be taken to resolve it. In case these grievances are not addressed in time then they can lead to bigger problems or disputes in the company which may affect the working and performance of the company as the whole.

This article talks about different effective ways with which these employee grievances can be handled by the managers or the company so that the workers working in your organization work with greater efficiency and enthusiasm. Addressing such issues is extremely important otherwise it may cause dissatisfaction, lack of interest, lower productivity and frustration amongst workers.

Reasons of Grievances

There are various reasons which may cause such a situation:

  • Usually the cause of grievances is when the expectations of the employees are not fulfilled by the company which causes dissatisfaction in them.
  • When the rules and practices of organization are violated.
  • When the working conditions are not up to mark. For instance, there are no basic facilities, the place of working is unsafe, the relationship with manager is not cordial etc.
  • Due to illogical practices of management. For instance, frequent transfers, demotions, overtime, and weird structure of remuneration.

These are some of the probable reasons because of which a person experiences dissatisfaction and frustration in his professional life.

Addressing Grievances

It is must for managers to immediately address such situations amongst his employees and take necessary steps to rectify them. This is important not only for the performance of the company but also for the relationship of employer and employee. This way the employee remains honest to the organization.

Here are some of the steps that must be taken to handle grievances in the most effective way so that the issue can be resolved without causing any damages.

Taking a Quick Action

The moment some kind of grievance arises in the company, it must be given all the attention. Make sure that managers in your organization are trained from time to time to handle grievance situations in an effective manner. A fast action can reduce the damages and can also help in reducing the frustration levels in employees.

Acknowledge and Address

The next step is to acknowledge the problem. This way the worker will be able to develop confidence in the manager as he feels that management is interested in resolving his problem. It shows that administration is eager on solving it and would take the best steps to ensure that the best and authentic decision can be taken without any biases. This will give a very positive message.

Finding the Facts

The next step involves going some fact finding. This will work as the platform on which you can take a wise and genuine decision. Make sure that all these facts are properly placed in a file so that they can be used at the time of grievance redressal. This will bring clarity about the situation.

Look Into Reasons

Now once you have facts in hand then you must work to know the cause of grievance. You must find out the real cause of the problem because based on that information you will be able to take remedial actions which will not only help you address the problem in present but will also help you not repeat it in future.

Decision Making

Now it is time to take the decision based on all the facts you have able to find keeping the causes in the picture. Make sure that whatever course of action you are planning to take, you are aware about the present result of that action along with its repercussions in future. Every decision needs to be thoroughly analyzed before implementation so that you can make the best move.


Once you know what decision you are suppose to be taking, you must execute it at the earliest. You must look at the bigger picture while doing so and not just be focusing on one person.


After everything is done, you need to review your decision to make sure that grievance has been resolved properly and completely and now there are no issues.

If you will follow all these steps then you will be able to handle the situation effectively. This will keep the environment of your office cordial, positive and encouraging. Hence, make sure that you address grievances as soon as you feel them that they exist to keep your employees happy and loyal towards the company.

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