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Tips to Conduct Technical Interviews with Frequently Asked Questions

Tips to Conduct Technical Interviews with Frequently Asked Questions

Technical interviews are conducted with strict role specificity.  Interviewers normally ask question related to the position applied for such as brain teaser and/or numerical reasoning questions to understand the suitability of the applicant. Technical questions help access candidates or graduates in sectors like IT, Engineering and Science on their efficiency. Such interviews are also conducted for less specialist yet highly competitive roles as in the investment sector in banks.

Following are a few tips to help you conduct a productive technical interview:

  • While preparing for the job description, make sure your technical team includes entities such as work experience, technical knowledge based on the necessity.
  • New software launch every now and then. Keep yourselves updated on the latest technology and understand its utility knowhow.
  • Prepare your FAQ sheet in collaboration with your Software Team members. The questionnaire should be based on latest technology. The answers for them should be at hand too.
  • Ask the candidates about their understanding on technology and review their answer with a calmer approach.


Most Asked FAQ’s in Technical Interview

Here is a list of the top 25 most asked questions by recruiters in technical interviews. These will help you prepare your questions better.

1. What technical certifications have you achieved and how do you achieve those?

2. Which development tools are you familiar with?

3. What is your languages specialty?

4. What do you know about authentication and authorization? What are the tools to support the same in enterprise deployments?

5. What measures do you take to ensure accurate project estimates?

6. Which technical website do you follow?

7. What do you know about SAN? Explain it briefly.

8. What is your take on clustering?

9. How will you enforce relational integrity in database design?

10. Which are the automated-build tools or processes you have used till date?

11. What do you know about optimistic and pessimistic locking?

12. What is delete statement and truncate statement in database?

13. What is database performance metrics and how do you monitor them?

14. What is a honey pot in network security?

15. How role does your education play in preparing you for the job?

16. What are your key competencies for this job?

17. Give an account of your IT strengths and weaknesses.

18. What was the last project you worked on and what was your role in that?

19. How will you justify that working with business users is fruitful?

20. What was your biggest achievement in your previous job?

21. Give instances where you have practically applied your technical knowledge.

22. Have you ever come up with productive suggestions to improve an existing design? What was it?

23. How much reuse have you ever got out of your self developed code?

24. Service oriented or batch oriented solutions: What is your pick?

25. Do you download utility from the internet to make your work more productive? Which one?

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