Sample Draft of Notice for Punctuality in Attendance

Please find the attachment sample Draft of notice for enforcing punctuality in attendance.




Punctuality in attendance and unfailing observance of work discipline in all, spheres are watchwards of an Organisation for its success. It has been observed that there is growing indiscipline amongst all categories of staff in many areas of activities of the Organisation which has been causing tremendous inconvenience to customers besides tarnishing the image of the Organization. It has also been observed that extreme slackness is permitted in monitoring the attendance/departure of the employees. As a service organisation, the Management

can ill- afford to sacrifice time, discipline amongst the employees. It has, therefore, been decided by the management to accord the highest priority, intoning up discipline which alone can increase productivity and ensure better consumer’s service. In this context, it is felt that not only the existing instructions on attendance need reiteration but also the following additional guidelines, strict enforcement of which with immediate effect is must:

The attendance register will be made available to the members of the staff well before the commencement of the working hours at each section/branch and it shall be withdrawn ten minutes after the commencement of the working hours and kept with the section branch in-charge or a responsible official and the employees/workmen who will come thereafter shall be marked “late”.

An employee, coming after ten minutes of the commencement of the working hours, shall sign the attendance register in the presence of the section/branch incharge and verbally explain the reasons for his delay in attendance.

An employee, who comes more than one hour late, shall submit his explanation in writing for coming late after which he may be permitted to join duty.

An employee, who comes late habitually, may be refused permission to join office and asked to submit leave application or may be marked as habitual late comer.

Un punctual attendance or unauthorised absence shall be treated as acts of
misconduct making such employees liable to disciplinary action.

As regards departure, the attendance register will be made available only at the close of the working hour and the section/branch in- charge shall ensure that in no case the entries made in the attendance register are at variance with the actual timings of departure.
To ensure this, the attendance register shall also be occasionally checked at higher level and appropriate notings made immediately after the opening and closing hours.

Leaving office earlier than the scheduled time of departure and any failure on the part of the employees to record the time of departure before leaving office shall also render them liable to disciplinary action.

No employee, who is found to be late coming for more than one hour habitually, shall be allowed to join his duties except in cases where he had obtained prior permission from the section/ branch in-charge for attending late on grounds such as serious illness in the family, etc.

Authorized Signatory

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