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CPS Questionnarie

I have Attached CPS Questionnarie



            This  initiative by the HR trainee is to study the HR Professionals’ views on Creative Problem Solving skills. The fair and honest reply of yours will lead to the effective study and knowledge on the subject. The information provided will be maintained confidentially.

Prepared by: B. Joseph Julyan John Amudhan.

Part A – General information

1.      Name:

2.      Age:(in years)

3.      Gender:

4.      Educational Qualification:

5.      Designation:

6.      Industry:

7.      Work Experience in the present organization:(in years)

Part B – Creative Problem Solving Skills &

 HR Professionals:

Select your answer by putting a Star mark (*) at the end of your option.

1.      What do you understand by ‘Creative Problem Solving’ ?

a.       Following procedures systematically.

b.      Thinking different from normal procedures.

c.       Modifying the procedures with creativity.

d.      Connecting apparently disparate ideas.


2.      According to you, how important is CPS to business?

a.       Important in all levels of Business

b.      Its applicable only till the planning level but, not so practical.

c.       It can be used for fun and leisure activities but not in a serious business.

d.      Its not so important to business.





3.      Which area in HR requires the application of CPS more importantly?

a.       Planning

b.      Organizing

c.       Directing

d.      Controlling

4.      Do you agree that Creativity is essential for problem solving?

a.       Strongly agree

b.      Agree

c.       Neither agree nor disagree

d.      Disagree

e.       Strongly Disagree


5.      CPS is a effective/ successful tool for HR profession?

a.       Strongly agree

b.      Agree

c.       Neither agree nor disagree

d.      Disagree

e.       Strongly Disagree


6.      CPS in business helps to have a competitive edge over others?

a.       Strongly agree

b.      Agree

c.       Neither agree nor disagree

d.      Disagree

e.       Strongly Disagree

Part c : Creative problem solving

Answer the following questions by putting a star (*) mark in the given box at the end of each questions:

SA                   – Strongly Agree,                                            

A                     – Agree,

N.A. N. DA     – Neither Agree Nor Disagree,

SD                   – Strongly Disagree


S. No




1 The fear of making mistake effects many of the decisions I make.          
2 I am comfortable with the first ‘Right Idea’, and I don’t look beyond that.          
3 I have curiosity towards learning new things.          
4 I prefer to work with people whose ideas are practical and down-to-earth rather than creative.          
5 I believe that the old ways of doing things are the best ways.          
6 When confronted with a problem I like to investigate new possibilities.          
7 Any change in the usual process makes me feel uncomfortable.          
8 Problem solving is a serious matter and there is no place for fun and humor.          
9 Even if someone else’s way of doing a task is more efficient than mine, I prefer sticking to my method.          
10 Asking for other people’s ideas about how to solve  a problem is a sign of a lack of skill on my part.          
11 I could imagine and visualize the solutions to problems and its impacts.          
12 Making a quick or ‘on the spot’ decision makes me uncomfortable.          
13 When others get stuck, I am able to think of new solutions to problems.          
14 After I’ve made decision, I find myself wishing I had chosen differently.          
15 When I have a lot of options to choose from, I have difficulty deciding which one is the best.          
16 Do you encourage solutions to problems that arise accidently in the middle of  some other work.          
17 I believe in my skills and abilities.          
18 I think ‘outside the box’.          
19 I get discouraged easily when facing problem.          
20 I’m not sure if I’ve done a good job unless someone else points it out.          



Part D – Creative Problem Solving in Practice


1.      Can you narrate any instance wherein you solved an issue / concern  creatively?


2.      Please specify how you have managed your work pressure creatively in the recent past?


3.      Can you narrate any creative solution that you provided which was well-received by the management and business?

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