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Corporate Security Policy

Sample corporate security policy

1. Materials security

Material being brought into the factory premises should be disclosed at the security and a security gate pass to be obtained before carrying it into the factory premises.

Suspicious materials that come into the factory will be stopped at the main gate and thoroughly investigated before being sent into the factory.

Material being taken out of the factory should be accompanied by a gate pass signed by the appropriate authority. The same is to be produced before the security on leaving the factory premises.

Employees found taking out any material(s) belonging to the factory without a valid gate / security pass are liable for disciplinary action.

2. Movement Of Vehicles

All personnel bringing their own vehicles should put the security clearance stickers in a prominent place on the vehicles that is visible to the security staff.

All non personnel vehicles that come into the factory premises will be asked to park outside the factory premises.

All vehicles are liable to be checked by security personnel while entering and leaving the factory premises.

3. Identity Cards

All employees are provided with an identity card (ID) which, contain employee particulars.

The employee shall carry his ID card on him / her self visibly, at all times when inside the factory and present it while entering or leaving the factory or on demand by the security guard, supervisor or the HR department.

The ID cards shall be the property of the factory and should be surrendered to the HR department on cessation of employment.

Loss or damage of the ID card should be notified to the HR department immediately and a requisition for a duplicate card will have to be applied for in the Duplicate ID Card Issue Form.

If the employee loses or damages his / her ID card for the first time the ID card will be replaced by the management free of charge. On loss or damage of an company ID card for the second time a fee of 1 USD will be charged.

4. In and out of premises

Entrance and exit from the premises shall be through prescribed gates only and every employee shall show his / her ID card to the security on duty while passing through such gates.

The gates may be closed during working hours at the discretion of the management and employees must not leave the premises during the working hours without prior written permission from the appropriate authority.

An employee who is not on duty shall not remain on the premises without permission from the manager or his / her authorized official.

5. Visitors security

Visitors entering into the factory must be first verified via the intercom to check if the person they wish to meet is available and where they are, then the visitor has to register at the security office and obtain a visitors pass.

While leaving, the Visitor should sign in the visitors register again at the security office mentioning his time of exit and return the visitors pass duly signed by the person visited before leaving the factory premises.

Visitors are liable to be checked by security personnel while entering and leaving the factory premises.

The visitors are not to be allowed on the shop floor without the permission of the Local HR head / Factory manager.

6. Search Of Employee(s)

As deemed necessary; all employees entering or leaving the factory at any time are liable to be searched whilst within the premises by a person authorized to do so by the manager.

To ensure that they are not in unauthorized possession of property belonging to the company or of other employees or of any articles prejudicial to the security of the factory or to other employees.

In case of a female employee the search shall be carried out by another female person authorised by the management.

7. Business materials

No employee shall take any paper, book, photographs, instruments, apparatus, documents or any other property of the factory or of the premises nor shall be in any way pass, or cause to be passed or disclose or cause to be disclosed any information or matter concerning the operations of the factory to any unauthorized person, company or corporation without the written permission of the Factory Manager.

8. Implementation of this policy

If any employee is found doing so he / she would be liable for disciplinary action or may be suspended / terminated from service.

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