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Pickup the Secret of Having a Happy and Wonderful Life

The other day I met an acquaintance who in a span Of ten years of professional career had switched four jobs, and was unhappy with his job, his progress in life, his domestic situation, his job placements in smaller cities, his career compared to his college colleagues etc.

I listened to him patiently then I gave him this simple advice & Emailed him this PPS.

I thought I could share this with you — In case I’m wrong U could counsel me further on the subject. I hope u do not find me sermonizing like a Preacher.

In life every one is denied a few things. But all of us have been blessed with millions of good gifts from God..
If you focus on what you do not have in your life  “YOU WILL BE UNHAPPY”.
If you choose to focus on all the things & blessings of God you have, you are grateful, you develop the noble irresistible desire to share, contribute, and give to the downtrodden —– “YOU WILL BE HAPPY.”
The most precious things of life — good health, your perfectly functioning organs of your body, the most precious things are the most valuable gifts to you from the almighty which have come to you for free, which you do not consider as your assets.

To be truly happy in life shift your focus from what I can gain or benefit from life, from relatives & friends; to how I can add value to others life. If one can do this SUCCESS WILL BE YOURS.

All selfish people are unhappy.—–To the extent you turn unselfish you will become more happy.

Please see the attached PPS. You will like it.

It could be possible that you may have seen it before & could be a REPEAT.

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