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Sample Apprentice Offer Letter Format

Apprentice Offer Letter
The apprentice offer letter is an official way of confirming the candidate the offer of employment, job title, the work place, remuneration and proposed start date. It also includes the provision of how the offer can be accepted. It must also include information of any medical conditions or allergies or disabilities suffered by the employee.

Here is a template of apprentice offer letter which helps you create formal letters on behalf of your company to apprentice. Use these examples to draft your personalized offer letters in a structured manner, containing all important information. It needs to be drafted on the letterhead of the company.

Apprentice Offer Letter Format

Jimmy Peterson,
59 Richmond Villa,
South Block,

Dear Jimmy,
Letter of offer for position of ministry trainee

We are pleased to inform you about the offer of internship at the position of ministry trainee. This offer rolls out the terms and conditions that are related with this position and is made with the approval of the trustees of the ministry and the trainer Mr. Sam Smith.
It is a full time position for a fixed term of one year commencing on 1st July, 2014. The training position will be evaluated on the completion of the first six months at the ministry review and will be open for termination by either party at that time.
From the date of joining, you will be responsible to the Finance Ministry through his appointed trainer for the everyday performance of the duties that are associated with the position and the training you receive. However, as far as the administrative matters are concerned, you will be responsible to trustees.

As the position is a ministry training position, so all the majority of the training is conducted via ‘hands on’ actual ministry experience. The content of the training will be concluded based on the consultation between trainer, trainee and ATS Limited.

Duty and performance of duties
The duties of the position will be concluded and reviewed from time to time in response to the changing needs of the ministry and needs of the training after a thorough consultation between the centre leader and the trainer. The present set of duties for the position has been mentioned below:
•    Learn about the financial ministry.
•    Understand day-to-day working of the department in relation with your position.
•    Regular reporting and submission of reports.
•    Be available for review and critique of your ministry
•    Attend ATS accredited training programs.

You will also be required to undertake any other duties from time to time as suggested by the training team leader or trainer.
It must be noted that during the course of your employment, you will be dealing with lots of confidential information which will sometimes come from the trainer himself for teaching and training purposes. You must make sure that this information must not be shared with anyone. You can only share it with your trainer and spouse. You agree to keep this important information confidential both during and after the apprenticeship.


Training Obligations

The trainer undertakes to ensure that you will be receiving on the job training and assessment as per the rules and regulations at the ATS Apprenticeship Guidelines for Trainers.


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