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Equity Research Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Equity research analyst helps clients in making investment decisions. Equity research analysts have expert knowledge and insight into stocks and bonds. They are responsible for monitoring the trends in specific industries, initiate and supervise research on companies in those sectors and recommend what stocks investors should buy or sell. Good preparation has to be made for the job of Equity research analyst. Following are some frequently asked questions for Equity Research Analyst interview. Prepare for your interview with these questions, the answers for which are given below. However, it is always advisable to prepare for other questions as well.

1 Q: What are the important skills for an equity research analyst?

A: Communication skills are important as the equity research analyst has to interact with clients and industries. Apart from this, other important skills include complex problem solving skills, critical thinking and report writing skills. You can also say the skills you possess which are also required for an equity research analyst.

2 Q: What are the key tasks of an equity research analyst?

A: The key tasks of an equity research analyst include conducting statistical stock market research and drafting an appropriate investment decision based on the research analysis. They are also responsible for analyzing and compiling the financial data on all the factors and keeping track of the latest market trends. However, one should answer as per the job description of the company.

3 Q:. In what industries have you worked as Equity research analyst?

A: The interviewer wants to get an idea of the experience you have in different industries. Mention the names of the industries or companies you have worked with. Also give an idea about the clients you have worked for.

4 Q: What do you think are the characteristics of a successful equity research analyst?

A: A successful equity research analyst will have characteristics like self motivated, focused, risk taker, intelligent and influential. They are also strong team players who also have a passion for technology.

5 Q: What experience you have as an equity research analyst?

A: Describe about your experiences and responsibilities of your past job. Provide some learning experience associated with your job and also the skills gained in the process. Give a confident answer but try to keep it short and simple. Highlight only the important areas.

6 Q:. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A: Mention the strengths which relate to the job of Equity Research Analyst. Say with specific examples. Explain where you demonstrated these strengths. While mentioning about your weakness care should be taken to convey in a positive tone. Also add what steps you are taking to overcome your weakness.

7 Q:. Are you satisfied with your career as an Equity Research analyst?

A: You have to be honest in your answer. The interviewer wants to know the amount of satisfaction you have with your job. Show how motivated and satisfied you are with your career choice. It’s better if you are not thinking to change as you will be thought of as unfit for the job.

8 Q:. Why do you want to join our company?

A: You should avoid answers such as you want to join because you want to learn or you have interest in the company. Say something like you want to make your contribution to the company and describe how you plan to do it. You can also add about the reputation of the company.

9 Q:. Describe a short term goal you have set for yourself.

A: Mention about a goal which you plan to achieve within a year or two. Whatever goal you say should be about your career and also describe how you intend to achieve the goal. Also show your enthusiasm and desire to succeed; this will indicate to the employer that you are a motivated and inspired employee.

10 Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: Here you need to focus on your long term career goals and aspirations. Your goals should be realistic and attainable within a five year period. Describe how you are planning to achieve these set goals. Do not say anything related to your personal goals. Keep your goals professional and achievable goals.

11 Q:. Why are you leaving your present job?

A: Never answer with negative reasons for this question even if you feel they are true. Give a positive answer as to why you want to move to the company. You can answer by saying growth or newer opportunities etc. Avoid saying any personal issues for leaving your previous company. Keep it short and give only one reason for leaving your present job.

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HR Analyst JD

A summary of HR Analyst Responsibilities:-

  • A human resource analyst is concerned with all aspects of the manpower policies and practices of a company.
  • His job is to review HR policies regarding recruitment, selection, training, orientation, development, employee benefits and compensation and suggest appropriate improvements.
  • He also needs to be good at handling the human resource database using human resource information systems (HRIS).
  • Good persuasion and analytical skills are needed. Considering the nature of the job, experience in applying skills related to communication, convincing and coordination are most important.


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