How to Write a Job Interest Letter

A good job doesn’t come that easy. Sometimes when you are in search of a job with some specific employer but at present they don’t have any opening then writing a job interest letter to that company is an interesting thing to do. This is a kind of cover letter that you attach with your resume and submit to the company asking them for a job if they have a specific opening in near future. This is a proactive approach in job search which is very helpful.

Steps for Writing a Job Interest Letter

If you don’t know the right style of framing a professional job interest letter then this post is perfect for you. Use the steps mentioned below to write your own letter with perfection. Follow these guidelines which will bring clarity in framing a formal cover letter expressing your interest in a particular job.

Find Out About the Company

The first and the foremost thing are to research about the company. You must find out what kind of employees a company is looking for, especially for the profile you wish to apply for. This will help you know what skills, education qualifications are required and you would be able to explain how you are the suitable fit for that job.

Find Out the Name of the Person Who is Hiring

For writing the letter, you should make sure that you are able to address it to the right person. And to be able to address it correctly, you should be enough research to find out the name of the person from the office or from their website who looks into requirements.

Begin With Purpose of Writing the Letter

When you have started writing the letter, the first paragraph should include the purpose of writing the letter. It has to be clear and specific. Talk about the openings you came across in newspaper or talk about the position you are interested it. It is very important that you make your purpose clear within first few lines or it is not going to do the magic that you are seeking.

Present Yourself

The next paragraph should include your qualifications, your experiences and various other things like your strengths and skills. They are important for marketing yourself. You should be able to highlight the strong points of your resume in the most creative way possible. You should also be able to create connect between your experience and education and what the company is looking for that particular profile.

Contact Information

The third paragraph should include your contact details like your phone no. and your email id. This is again important because in case the employer wants to get in touch with you for a personal interview then he should have your contact details.

Don’t Forget to Thank

Once you are done with all the writing, it is time to end your letter. Make sure that you end your letter with a thank you note. It is a positive way of concluding your letter.


Don’t forget to sign the letter once you have completed it.

Some other tips to keep in mind

  • Proofread the letter

Before submitting the letter, make sure that you have read it at least. There should be no grammatical errors and spelling mistakes as they can ruin your impression. You can seek help from your friend in order to ensure that everything is in place.

  • Keep the letter short

Make sure that you keep the length of the letter less than a page. A very lengthy letter can be boring to read. You should be able to share important information related with your experience, education in shortest paragraphs. Avoid writing a lengthy letter as your resume is already attached for reference.

  • Avoid Cliché

Do not use cliché language in your letter as it will seem fake. To make it look more convincing, it is good to frame clean and simple sentences.

Use all these points to write your own job interest letter and you can actually earn an interview call for your desired profile.