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10 Most Effective Communication Skills at Work Place

The gateway to learning the art of communication is simple. All you need is to be able to reach out. No relationship can sustain without sharing. And when it happens to be a matter of the corporate world, there has to be a basic understanding of one another. Communications are result driven. At workplace, business relationships between superiors and subordinates can be sustained only through good communication. Misinterpretation of facts, pressurized environments, and mutual commitment to success may lead to rough patches. Hence, a good communication at corporate places results in disaster management and better profit.

Following are the 10 most effective communication tips that come handy at work places.

1. Be open to criticism. You receive criticism only upon your action and result. Therefore, be it good or bad, it needs to be accepted without any fuss. Try implementing suggestions if you find it to be justified. The corporate world is not a piece of cake. There is no room for the over sensitive and defensive ones.

2. Understand the situation you are in before initiating any action. You should never get swayed away by emotions. Employees’ lack of effort or attention many a times become the reason behind major losses in the company.

3. In case of written communication, follow the 24-Hour Rule. Never answer any email, message, letter, memo, or report until you are very sure of what you want and what you have written. Make sure that your reply communicates the right information.

4. Go for a personal approach at workplace. Remember that group communications are only good for general information, education, and praise. But if something goes wrong you cannot use it as a tool to attack individuals. The golden rule is to praise in public and criticize in private.

5. The communication bridge between managers and subordinates should never be broken. If for any reason, a subordinate feels uneasy at work place, he must be able to communicate with the manager rationally. The two way communication should always be inspired.

6. Employees should be able to develop team work. Better coordination lead to better functioning and better result. Everything needs to be crystal clear and transparent.

7. Every new rule and regulation should be explained properly by clearing any kind of doubts. Avoid statements with double meaning that might create confusion later on and result in hold backs.

8. Discussions at work places between managers and subordinates should be on a generic level. Try not to be over enthusiast on pointing only at the mistakes of others. Guide them with an optimistic approach. Never miss out on anything important, least they may create hassle later on.

9. Communication should always be positive. It must be able to benefit one and all in the company.  Be open and honest and have respect towards other’s feelings.

10. Endorse the art of two-way communication at work place. It is not always about you. Let the other person speak too. Healthy communication leads to healthy relationship and finally to better yield. Ideas do drop by when least expected.

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