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Reprimanding Officer Letter for Being Angry On Not Getting Promoted

A letter reprimanding an officer for being angry on not getting the promotion is a formal letter written by the employer to the employee who was expecting the promotion but is not promoted and therefore, is getting angry at work. This letter is the right way to professionally express the disapproval towards the employee for being angry on not getting promoted.

Just like a promotion letter sample, you can use the sample format for reprimanding officer for being angry on not getting promoted. It works as a warning as well as disapproval in a formal manner. You can use this template to create a personalized draft to warn and reprimand the employee.

Format of Reprimanding Officer Letter for Being Angry On Not Promotion


Mack Smith

Human Resource Manager

Zenith Technologies

New York

Date: January 17, 2022


Mr. James Gibbs

54, Anthony Road

New York

Dear Mr. James,

The purpose of writing this letter is to highlight that from past few months, your behavior has been quite unprofessional and this is not appreciated and accepted at Zenith Technologies. I am writing this letter to warn you that you are required to change your behavior to make sure that no strict action is taken against you.

We are aware that you were expecting to get promoted this year but things did not happen as per your expectations. And that’s the reason you have been expressing your anger at office which is not acceptable at any cost. We would like to highlight that our company strongly believes in our values and we expect our employees to always display a good conduct. And it is not just your promotion that has been put on hold but it is also the promotion various other employees which has been delayed for now because the company is in no state to support the finances associated with promotion. As you are aware, from last one year, the company has been facing serious financial crunch because of the remarkable drop in our sales due to COVID-19. This is the reason we are unable to announce the promotions for you and various other employees.

In last three months, we have been regularly receiving complaints against your uncontrolled anger and these episodes have happened after the promotions were announced on October 15th, 2021. We would again like to highlight that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated. You must work on your anger issues or else the management will be compelled to terminate you as the respect of each of our employees is important to us.

We are hopeful that you will take this warning seriously and will improve your behavior.


Mack Smith

Human Resource Manager

Zenith Technologies

New York

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Role & Responsibility of Welfare Officer under Factory Act Rules

Here are the Duties and Responsibilities of Labour Welfare Officer.


Role & Responsibility of Welfare Officer under Factory Act Rules

  • to encourage provision of amenities such as canteens, shelters for rest, creches, adequate latrine facilities, drinking water, sickness and benevolent scheme payments, pension and superannuation funds, gratuity payments, granting of loans and legal advice to workers;
  • to help the factory management in regulating the grant of leave with wages and explain to the workers the provisions relating to leave with wages and other leave privileges and to guide the workers in the matter of submission of application for grant of leave for regulating authorised absence;
  • to advise on provision of welfare facilities, such as housing facilities, foodstuffs, social and recreational facilities, sanitation, advice on individual personnel problems and education of children;
  • to bring to the notice of the factory management the grievances of workers, individual as well as collective, with a view of securing their expeditious redress and to act as a liaison officer between the management and labour;
  • to establish contacts and hold consultations with a view to maintaining harmonious relations between the factory management and workers;
  • to study and understand the point of view of labour in order to help the factory management to shape and formulate labour policies and to interpret these policiesto the workers in a language they can understand;
  • to watch industrial relations with a view of using his influence in the event of a dispute between the factory management and workers and to help to bring about a settlement by persuasive effort;
  • to advise on fulfillment by the management and the concerned departments of the factory of obligations, statutory or otherwise, concerning regulation of working hours, maternity benefit, medical care, compensation for injuries and sickness and other welfare and social benefit measures;
  • to promote relations between the concerned departments of the factory and workers which will bring about productive efficiency as well as amelioration in the working conditions and to help workers to adjust and adapt themselves to these working environments;
  • to encourage the formation of Works and Joint Production Committees, Cooperative Societies and Welfare Committee, and to supervise their work;
  • to advise the factory management on questions relating to training of new starters, apprentices, workers on transfer and promotion, instructors and supervisors, supervision and control of notice board and information bulletins to further education of workers and to encourage their attendance at technical institutes; and
  • to suggest measures which will serve to raise the standard of living of workers and in general promote their well- being.
  • Welfare Officers not to deal with disciplinary cases or appear on behalf of the management against workers.- No Welfare Officer shall deal with any disciplinary cases against workers or appear before a conciliation officer in a court or tribunal on behalf of the factory management against a worker or workers.

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