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Format of “Letter of Oath”

Security Covenant

This will serve as my acceptance of the Security Covenant. With this I permit the company to take any kind of legal action and even terminate my employment without any notice or payment in case of misconduct and dishonesty of any sort at my end. I agree to the fact that in every condition the Company’s opinion will be deemed final and I shall abide by it.

I ___________________________appointed as

_____________________ under oath hereby depose and say:

  • I shall at no cost divulge or make use of any information, documents or other knowledge owned by the Company for own or any other purpose.
  • I shall not copy any of the company’s information in my personal hard disk or any other device without prior permission from higher authority.
  • I shall not at any cost use the company’s information without prior permission by Management/ employer.
  • I shall also not publish or promulgate any company’s data or information that I come across with during my tenure as an employer of the company.

Yours faithfully,

I, __________________ understand the gravity of my work position and swear to respect company’s privacy in every aspect.


(Signature of the appointee with date & Dept)


(Signature of the Manager

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