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Illegal Interview Questions

I/ Overview of illegal interview questions

The employers should not ask illegal interview questions because this is a rule of local labor low, code of conduct issued by company itself or customers.

II/ Types of illegal interview questions

Employers should not ask about any of the following, because to not hire a candidate because of any one of them is discriminatory:
1. Race
2. Color
3. Sex
4. Religion
5. National origin
6. Birthplace
7. Age
8. Disability
9. Marital/family status

III/ Sample list of illegal interview questions

1. How old are you?

2. When is your birthday?

3. In what year were you born?

4. In what year did you graduate from college/high school?

5. Are you married or do you have a permanent partner?

6. With whom do you live?

7. How many children do you have?

8. Are you pregnant?

9. Do you expect to become have a family? When?

10. How many children will you have?

11. How tall are you?

12. How much do you weigh?

13. Do you have any disabilities?

14. Have you had any recent illness or operations?

15. Please complete this medical questionnaire?

16. What was the date of your last physical exam?

17. How’s your family’s health?

18. When did you lose your eyesight/ leg/ hearing/ etc.?

19. Where were you/your parents born?

20. What is your native language?

21. What is your country of citizenship?

22. Are you a Canadian citizen?

23. Have you ever been arrested?

24. What clubs or social organizations do you belong to?

25. Do you go to church?

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