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Suspension Letter for Fuel Stealing from Company

Stealing of any kind is not appreciated and if there some employee found stealing fuel from your company then suspension may be the right way to deal with such an employee and for that you need to write a Suspension letter for Fuel Stealing. The suspension letter format is simple and talks about the details about suspension and along with the reason for suspension.

In this post, we bring to you the Sample suspension letter. You can use this Suspension Letter for Fuel Stealing from Company for creating a personalized letter that suits your purpose.

Format for Suspension Letter for Fuel Stealing From Company


Richard Smith

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

New York

Date: December 08th, 2022


Mr. Anthony Brown

54, New Villas Street

New York

Sub: Suspension from work

Dear Anthony,

This is to inform you that the management has decided to suspend you from work because you have been accused of stealing fuel from the factory. As you are aware that our company’s policy is very strict against theft.

We are doing out best to gather information on the theft of fuel that has taken place the last week. This is going to take a while and until any strong proof is found, we are going to have you suspended from your duty as Production Manager, effective December 10th, 2022.

We hope that you understand that we do not support any kind of theft in our company and any of the employees who are involved in it will have to face legal actions against them. You will be informed of your rejoining or termination once the investigations are complete. We are going to do all the possible things to reach on to the conclusion. We will also be reviewing the allegations that have been made against you in order to take into consideration all the facets of the situation.


Richard Smith

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies New York

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