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Sample Letter to Employee for Additional Allowance for Extra Duty

Employees, on many occasions, try to make their best efforts and give a lot of time to their careers so that they achieve their goals faster and perform as well as they can. However, if such efforts are ignored by the employers then the employees will be discouraged to go out of their way to do well for the organization again. For this very reason, a Draft Letter to Employee for Additional Allowance for Extra Duty is very important. It keeps them satisfied with the organization and motivates them to perform better. Alongside, it also helps the organization create a better reputation and achieve goals on time. A Request Letter for Employee Allowance can also be sent by an employee in case they are putting extra hours and effort into the job, and deserve to be rewarded.

Sample letter of additional allowance to Employees

_____________________ (Name of the sender) From:

John Brown HR Manager

Professional IT Products 60, Remington Lane New York

Date: July 16th, 2021 To,

David Beckham

Assistant manager

  _____________________ Department

Employee ID: _____________________

Subject: Additional Allowance for Extra Duties

Dear __________(Name),

We would like to congratulate you for performing brilliantly on the _____________________ project. You have achieved beyond your goals and proved how dedicated you are to your work. We appreciate your constant efforts towards growing your career and staying determined to reach new heights.

We noticed that you have been working overtime to carry out your extra duties to fulfill targets. Hence, the management has decided to give you a token of appreciation and provide you with an extra allowance of _____________________ (Amount) per month from _____________________ (Month and year). Please note that this allowance is performance-oriented and is given to motivate you to keep achieving new heights in your career.

We wish you all the best to continue your professional progress. Contact the HR department for any further assistance you may need.

John Brown
HR Manager


Click here to Download Letter to Employee for Additional Allowance for Extra Duty in Word Format

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