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Relieving Letter Format from Employee to Company

Employee Relieving Letter: If you have received a resignation from your employee and if you have accepted it then you must write an employee job relieving letter in response. You can follow a relieving letter format or create it on your own. A relieving letter format for employee is a simple letter which officially states that the employee is relieved off his duties and also includes details on handing over the documents or other company belongings. Company relieving letter has to be precise and informative. A relieving letter from group company is a formal way of communicating the details on relieving an employee.

We have come up with a Relieving Letter Format from Employee to Company. You can customize and use this relieving letter format to send to your employee.

Sample Relieving Letter For Employee


Sushmita Gupta

Human Resource Manager

ABC Technologies


Date: July 1st,2020


Mr. Aryan Sharma

54, Harrison Apartments,


Dear Mr. Sharma,

We are writing this in response to your resignation letter dated June 15th, 2020 wherein you had submitted a request to relieve you of your services on June 30th, 2020. We would like to inform you that your request for resignation has been accepted by the Company and you shall be relieved of all your duties with effect from June 30th, 2020.

We would request you to please handover all the belongings of the company including the laptop and locker keys to Mr. Suman Singh, the HR executive. And kindly handover all the company documents including brochures, files, correspondences to Mr. Harish Goyal from your team.

We would wish to remind you of the clauses as per your terms of appointment. Under the agreement signed on March 15th, 2018, you will have to maintain complete confidentiality in relation with ABC Technologies even after cessation of employment for a tenure of one year, effective from your relieving date.

We would also like to confirm that all the settlement with the company stand clear.


Sushmita Gupta

Human Resource Manager

ABC Technologies


Click Here To Download Relieving Letter from Employee to Company In Word Format

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