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Employee Exit Interview Form Template with Questions

Please find the attached file containing exit interview questions & a format of exit interview



This questionnaire is designed to improvise the work culture and organizational climate prevailing in SNGL. Your sincere advice will help us in making the work culture more satisfying and fulfilling for our associates. We would appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to respond to the questions below. All answers will be held in strict confidence. Thank you.


Name: Designation: Department:
Branch: Period of service in SNGL: Resigning / Termination:



  1. What are your primary reasons for leaving SNGL?
  1. What did you find most satisfying about your job?
  1. What did you find most frustrating about your job?
  1. Would you recommend SNGL to a friend as a good place to work?
  1. Is there anything the company could have done to prevent you from leaving?
  1. If you are leaving for a new position, what makes it more attractive than the one you are leaving?

q  Compensation and benefits                      q Opportunity for advancement & growth

q  More desirable location                             q More responsibility


q  Opportunity to work on good projects      q Working for a Big Name in IT industry

q  More job flexibility                                     q Others (please specify)                              

  1. How would you rate the following?

                 Good       Poor       Comments

Performance reviews                                                             q            q                                

Opportunity for advancement & growth                              q            q                                

Training received                                                                  q            q                                

Company policies and practices                                            q            q                                

Your job responsibilities                                                       q            q                                

Support you received from management & superiors           q            q                                

Your compensation & benefits                                             q            q                                    

Transparency in company’s processes                                  q            q                                

Internal Communication                                                       q            q                                    

  1. What suggestions do you have in terms of responsibilities, growth and future prospects associated with your position in SNGL?
  1. Do you feel you were fairly compensated for the position you held?
  1. Did you like/enjoy your job?
  1. Was your job what you expected it to be? If not, how did it differ?
  1. Do you feel you were placed in a position compatible with your skills?  If not, explain.
  1. Do you feel that there was the possibility for advancement in your position?  If not, what do you feel prevented advancement?
  1. Do you think you should have been offered more training/development within the position you held?
  1. What was the greatest challenge you faced in your position?
  1. Are there any particular practices or working conditions that either led to your decision to resign or that you feel are detrimental to a satisfactory working relationship?  If so, have you any suggestions on how to eliminate them?
  1. Are there any particular practices or working conditions that you feel are particularly beneficial to an effective working relationship and that should be maintained?
  1. Did you feel a sense of security in your position?  If not, why?
  1. Did you undergo any training during your service period in SNGL? If yes please mention the training program title, trainer’s name & you were benefited form the program.
  1. How did you find the morale within your department?
  1. Were you motivated to reach peak of your performance?
  1. Were you ever discouraged?
  1. Did you gel well with your teammates & superior?
  1. Was there anything the company could have done to improve morale?
  1. What was your supervisor like to work for?
  1. Were the working conditions suitable? (i.e. hours, work area, etc.)
  1. Did you feel you were well informed regarding the company’s policies and procedures?  If not, why
  1. Is there anything we could have done differently that may have affected your decision to leave?
  1. Would you re-consider employment with this company?
  1. Would you care to make any other comments?


Interviewer Signature                                                           Employee signature


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