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Computer Policy

1. Use of technology equipment

• Log in using your own appropriate account. It is never acceptable to use someone else’s account.

• Use computers for the purpose directed by business in charge. Employees are not to play games or use any other software unless the admin has given specific permission for this.

• Do not tamper with the computer system. It is unacceptable to seek access to restricted areas of the computer network.

• Do not bring floppy disks into computer rooms.

• Do not swap around any equipment. That is, no changing of keyboards, mice or other equipment from one computer to another.
2. Passwords

• Keep your password secret. If you suspect that someone may know your password, change it.

• It is unacceptable to gain, or to attempt to gain, another person’s password or personal information.

• When a non-regular class is to use a computer room, employees need to make prior arrangement with the admin for password allocation.

• When a employee has been allocated a password, it is the employee’s responsibility to remember that password. If a employee forgets their password, he/she is to report to the IT manager to have it changed. A fee may be charged for this service.
3. Computer usage guidelines

• Users are to have valid, authorized accounts and may only use those computer resources which are specifically authorized.

• Users may only use their account in accordance with its authorized purpose.

• Users are responsible for safeguarding their own computer account.

• Users should not let another person use their account unless authorized by the system administrator for a specific purpose.

• Passwords should be changed often to ensure that private and secure files are kept secure.

• Users who choose to publish home pages on the World Wide Web must identify themselves as the author and provide a means to be contacted.

• In addition, they must include a disclaimer that the home page content reflects their own views and not necessarily that of the company.

• Users may not change, copy, delete, read or otherwise access files or software without permission of the custodian of the files or the system administrator.

• Users may not bypass accounting or security mechanisms to circumvent data protection schemes.

• Users may not attempt to modify software except when intended to be user customized.

• Users may neither prevent others from accessing the system nor unreasonably slow down the system by deliberately running wasteful jobs, playing games, engaging in non-productive or idle chatting, or sending mass mailings or chain letters.

• Users shall assume that any software they did not create is copyrighted. They may neither distribute copyrighted proprietary material without the written consent of the copyright holder nor violate copyright or patent laws concerning computer software, documentation or other tangible assets.

• Users must not use the computer systems to violate any rules.

• A user shall disclose to the appropriate authorities misuses of computing resources or potential loopholes in computer systems security and cooperate with the systems administrator in the investigation of abuses.
4. Internet and email policy

You can refer email policy at:

• Sample email policy.
• Internet use policy

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