Resignation Letter Sample for Higher Studies

Resignation letter for higher studies

Everyone aspires for a bright career. And sometimes you have to take up some new course or go for higher studies so that you can add more qualification to your resume and have a better career. If you are already working and planning to go for higher education then you must put up a formal resignation letter to your organization stating that you will have to leave your job to pursue higher studies. Such a letter has to be written in a formal and polite tone. Also it should be able to express the reason with clarity. Do not forget to mention your last working day and the notice period which you can serve. All these details will make your request complete.

Here is a sample example to help you write a professional resignation letter for high studies. It has been designed by professionals and you can use it for reference to create a personalized draft addressing your organization.

Format for Resignation letter for higher studies

Sam Jackman

123 Silver Street

42, Park Avenue
New York

Date: 31th May, 2015

Adam Gibbs

HR Manager,

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

New York

Dear Sir,

Please accept my resignation from the post of Finance Executive with ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. with effect from 1 June, 2015. The reason due to which I am leaving the company is that I am pursuing higher studies at California Management College.

As you know that I am only a graduate in Finance from New York University and I have been looking forward for a good opportunity to have further education in the same field since long. I am really happy that I have been shortlisted for the course and I will be joining the class of 2016 at California Management College for 2 years Masters in Business Administration program. I am sure that once I have completed this program I will be able to resume my career with a much stronger academic background. I am really sorry because I will not be able to serve the notice period because I had received the confirmation letter from the University two days back.

California Management College requires all the MBA students to go for a preparatory course in financial accounting. To pursue that course, I will soon be leaving for California to prepare myself in this subject, so I will be leaving Australia this month itself in readiness for this.

I am quite sure that Company will have no problems regarding the audit reports. I will hand over all the important documents and files to Mr. Jacob Smith, who works in Accounts department. He will be handling the current files. In case, you need any help in preparing the current audit reports then you can always call me or email me.

I would like to thank the organization and my colleagues for their support and guidance. It has been a wonderful learning experience. I am also thankful to the management for their understanding. Please inform me about all the formalities related with the resignation procedure.

Thanking in anticipation

Yours sincerely,

Sam Jackman