Defamation Letter Due to Harassment

Where there are people, there are chances for rumors to spread. People often experience defamation of character in the organization they are working due to some baseless rumor spread by some anti-social elements in the company. In such a scenario, they can go ahead with suing the person for making false and damaging statement. If you are suffering from any kinds of wrong rumors spreading about you in relation with harassment of some of your employee then you must write a professional defamation of character letter to put a check on it.

Here is a sample template to help you deal with the situation. Use this format to create your own defamation letter due to harassment including all the essential points.

Defamation Sample Letter Due to Harassment

Sam George
12, Herald Apartments

24th July, 2015

Henry Cullen
56, Richard


Dear Mr. Cullen,

This is to bring to your notice that it has come to my attention that from last few weeks you have been making false representations about me in the office concerning the harassment case that took place with Ms. Ana Gibbs. All these statements have been false and have hampered my reputation.

You are completely wrong in holding me responsible for what happened with Ms. Ana Gibbs. I was not the one who harassed her and forced her to leave the organization. All the remarks that you have been making are completely baseless and you have no evidence to prove them.

Therefore, you are requested to please stop making such remarks about me as it is damaging my reputation at work and otherwise. It can severely hamper my career. I would also like to ask you to apologize for your mistake in front of the team as it is very much necessary to undo the damage and clean all the rumors that have been spreading at the office.

I would also like to mention that unless your immediately stop passing wrong comments and remarks about my character and apologize about the same publically, I would be forced to take legal actions against your actions and also seek monetary compensation for the damage that you have caused to my image at work and socially.

Please take it as a final warning and stop making defaming remarks on my character or else I will have no other choice but go legal.


Sam George

Marketing Manager

ABC Corporation