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Sample Letter of Compliance for Wearing Employee Id Card

Sometimes companies require their employees to always wear their employee ID cards as they make it easier for the governing bodies to manage the movement of staff. In order to do so, companies can write letter to employees for wearing identity cards. Before writing warning letter for not wearing ID cards, it is important to write letter of compliance to the staff.

In this post, we have come up with a sample letter of compliance to staff for wearing employee ID card. You can use this format to create your own draft.

Letter Format of Compliance for Wearing Employee identity Cards


The Staff Members,

New Age School

New York

Sub: To request compliance for wearing ID cards

Dear Staff Members,

Keeping in mind the safety and security of all the students at our school, we have decided to take some precautionary actions and in order to have a complete and foolproof security clearance, it has been decided by the governing body to make the wearing of employee Id cards compulsory for all the staff members at the school.

We hope that all the staff members are going to understand the situation and will always wear their ID cards when at work. This will be extremely helpful for security clearance and will help us manage things in a better manner.

We will highly appreciate your cooperation towards this issue.

Thanking you.


Andrew Gibbs,

HR Manager

New Age School

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