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Stress Interview Questions

It include 27 Stress questions as follows:

1. Direct stress questions

• Do you consider standing in a line as stressed work?
• Define stress and when do you get stressed out?
• Are you able to work under stress?
• Please give us an example about you work with a team that faced stress from your experience?
• Why do you think it will conduce stress?
• What is the worst thing when you faced with stress?
• Which transaction is not good for your colleagues whom also faced the stress at the same time?
• How do you handle stress? What is the best thin or work you do when you are stressed out?

2. Stress questions by conflict

• Okay, if that’s the best answer you can give me. Then what about this question…?
• I don’t really feel like your answering the question. Could you please clarify / could you please start again?”

3. Stress questions Pressure

• How do you handle rejection?
• What is the worst thing that you have heard about our company?

4. Other stress questions

• Why are manhole covers round?
• Why did you switch to political science? Is it because you couldn’t handle engineering? Why did you do so poorly on this test?
• What kinds of people do you find it difficult to work with?
• What are some of the things that you find difficult to do?
• How would you evaluate me as an interviewer?
• What interests you least about this job?
• See this pen I’m holding? Sell it to me.
• You need to work a full whole one month because of quarter results nearby what reason will you give to exempt from the work?
• If you are a leader of the team, what could you do better than the truly leader?
• What do you think that you have learned from it?
• Would you like to have your boss’s job?
• Why should I hire an outsider when I could fill the job with someone inside the company?
• Why were you out of work for so long?
• If you caught a student cheating on their test, what would you do?
• How do you feel this interview is going?

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Situational Interview Questions

Situational Interview Questions

1. What is Situational interview?

Situational interview in the interview in which, the candidates are asked for their opinions on certain situations that may arise in relation to the job. The candidates are supposed to give their opinions and provide solutions to such hypothetical situations.

The purpose of a situational interview is to evaluate the candidate’s problem solving skill in the workplace environment. A typical tip to address such situations is to tell a story of your previous experience in which, you have dealt with a similar problem.

2. Steps to answer situational questions

• Describe the objectives of the situation and method to resolve it;

• List down steps to resolve the situation;

• Recommend measures to prevent and correct the situations.

3. Some examples of situational interview

• Your colleague was repeatedly making mistakes that affect on the customer service and your ability to do your work. You talked to this colleague about the problem but he kept making mistakes again. What would you do next?

• You figured out that an employee was stealing from the company. What would you do?

• Have you ever worked with a client who seemed dislike you? How did you do under such a situation?

• Have you ever been in a situation in which the customers have difficulties describing their needs? How did you do under such a situation?

• Describe a difficult decision you had to make with assistance with your managers?

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Phone Interview Questions

I/ Notes to phone interview

1. You have a little time to conduct interview.

2. Just ask question about candidate’s basic job requirements

II/ Phone interview questions

1. Introduce yourself.

2. Inform purpose of phone interview.

3. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

4. What is your education background?

5. Are you currently employed and where?

6. If you are not employed, when were you last employed and what is the reason that you are no longer there?

7. Tell me about your current employer (i.e. what do they do, how long they’ve been in business, etc.).

8. What is the most important thing you’re looking for in a company/job?

9. Why are you considering leaving your current employer?

10. How long have you been with your current employer?

11. On a Day-to-Day basis at your current job, what are your primary responsibilities?

12. What size groups do you work in and do you have any group size preferences?

13. Have you received any raises or promotions at your current employer?

14. Do you have any managerial experience or are you more of an individual contributor?

15. What do you know about this company/job that you are applying for?

16. How many years experience do you have in _________?

17. We have spoken with several candidates. Why are you the one we should hire?

18. How well do you handle stress and pressure at work? Please give an example of…?

19. how you overcame a stressful situation?

20. What are your greatest strengths?

21. What are your greatest weaknesses?

22. What are your current salary expectation?

23. Do you have any questions?

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Interview Questions and Answers PPT

Uploading Interview Questions and Answers PPT.

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Interview Questions for the post of HR Executive

I attached here some question for the post of HR Executive which may useful to in interview.


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Click Here To Download Interview Questions

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