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PF Withrawal procedure with forms and guidelines to use them

Dear Friends,

1. PF Withdrawal upon resignation :

Upon resignation an employee can either withdraw or transfer his/her PF amounts at his desire.

a) For Withdrawal : In order to withdraw the PF/ Pension funds you have to submit form 19 and 10 C preferably through your employer. Depending upon the attitude and working capabilities of employees in the respective EPF Office, it will take 45 to 60 days to get your balance credited to your bank account. Withdrawals of PF can be done only after 60 days period after resignation.

Form No 19 is for Provident fund withdrawal & Form No. 10 C is for Pension scheme withdrawal. I have attached both the forms for your reference.

b) For Transfer : For transfer you have to get form 13 submitted through your present Company but you need to know your earlier PF a/c no.etc.
Also you need to provide following details to your current company.

  • Name and address of the previous company from which PF is still pending to be claimed.
  • Group Code of the previous company.
  • Date of Joining and date iof leaving from previous company.
  • Your PF no from the previous company.

2. PF withdrawal during Working period :

The Provident Fund members can avail advances / partial withdrawals subject to certain conditions like Marriage for self and dependant sisters, brothers etc / purchasing of dwelling house or repayment of housing loan / specified medical treatments / Closure of establishment etc.,

You need to submit FORM 31 for claiming amount. But the PF authorities will sanction only if you satisfy the qualifying conditions. I have attached a document ” Guidelines for PF withdrawal” that gives you an clear idea like on what grounds can a employee withdraw PF during his/her working period.

Hope this information is of some use to you.

Click Here To Download 10c_form_pension_fund_132

Click Here To Download 19_form-withdrawal_pf_127

Click Here To Download Guide Lines for PF Withdrawal

Click Here To Download 13 Revised


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