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5 Ways To Customize The Cover Letter For Job

Cover letters are very important and while applying for a job, they can certainly get you extra points with the HR or recruiter. But how to write a customized cover letter is the question.

We all get confused when it comes to writing a cover letter as most of us struggle with what to include in a personalized cover letter. Therefore, to help you deal with this situation, we have come across all the information that you need when it comes to using the cover letter format and personalizing it to suit your needs.

How to write a Personalized Cover Letter

Glance through the important guidelines white creating a personalized cover letter. Shared below are some useful points that can help you make the most of the cover letter template by customizing it with perfection and creating a strong impression.

  • Always address the letter to a person

Whenever you are drafting a cover letter, it is very important that you address it to the right person which means that you must address it to the HR manager or the hiring manager who is going to be receiving this letter. You can easily find in the job description the name of the contact and that’s the person you must address your letter to. In case it is not available then you can search for that particular job and department on LinkedIn. And still if you cannot find anything then addressing it to the hiring manager is a safe option.

  • Aim for an impressive starting

It always makes a difference how you start your letter. Using generic sentences will never help you get any attention and therefore, you have to play smart. Make sure that you start your first sentence by including a famous quote and connecting it with your achievements at work or you can include the name of the employee from that company whom you happen to know just to add that personal touch to your letter.

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  • Include the reason to work for this company

You should always be very clear with why you want to associate with that particular company and that needs to be mentioned there in the letter in couple of sentences. For that you will be required to do some research about the company by going to the company’s website or the company’s LinkedIn page or press release to know more about the company that will certainly help you figure out why you want to work with that company and you can include that information in your letter to keep it personalized, informative and impressive.

  • Market yourself

In the next paragraph, you have to smartly market yourself by talking about the experience you possess and the skills you have. Make sure that whatever skills and experience you mention connects right with the position for which you are applying so that the reader understands that you are going to be the right fit for that particular job. It is recommended that you focus on the technical skills that are mentioned in the job posting along with the particular processes or work related skills that are essential for that job role. Always relate your experience with how it is going to be benefiting the company. You need to understand what the reader is looking for and that is what you must include in your letter the right way.

  • Focus on closing

When it comes to drafting the last and final paragraph of your cover letter, always thank the reader for taking their time out for reading your letter. Don’t miss on including that you would be looking forward for the reply. It is a great idea to include to have the HR team or someone else from the team for verifying the receipt of the application to make sure that your application has reached and has not got lost in this process.

Keep these important points in mind in order to customize your letter in a smart and impressive way so that you are able to make it to the next level of the selection process.

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