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1. What is meant by work permit
Permit-to-work System is a formal written system used to control certain types of work which are potentially hazardous. It is also a mean of communication among site personnel to ensure all necessary safety precautions are taken before commencing such work.

2. As per factory act-1948 where is the mentioned it’s types & use = Regret. Not sure about it. Types are as follows:
The types of work permits are:

(1) General Work Permit which includes :
i) Cold work permit
ii) Hot work permit
2) Special work permit
i) Confined space entry,
ii) Working at height,
iii) Excavation & fragile roof,
iv) Electrical work Permit (HT/LT)
v) Material lowering & lifting.

Cold work permit: It is first level permit issued for jobs of general nature not involving any special activities like confined space entry, working height, excavation, Electrical maintenance on HT / LT, material lowering and lifting.

Hot Work Permit: it is work permit issued for jobs involving activities which generates spark and flame. Welding, Gas cutting, grinding, chipping are few activities which necessarily should have Hot work Permit.

3. Which parameters need to be include in work permit? sample format?
Please let me know which one you looking for. I will help you in making one.

4. Is work permit required sign of safety officer ( if one safety officer is in org. then what to do if he is on leave) = No need of Safety Officer Sign

5. For routine main. work permit is required? any sample format?

Yes. General Work Permit is required for all the job. Attach a sample format.

6. Who is authorized person to sign. the permit as per Standard system.

Minimum three persons sign needs to be in the work permit.
1. Job Executor.
2. Concerned Engineer
2. His reporting boss. (Permit Issuer)

Click Here To Download General 20 Work Permit

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