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Reduce Stationery Waste in the Office Letter

In past few years, there has been a paradigm shift in use of stationery. With increasing use of internet and technology, use of paper has been on a regular decline. If you also wish to reduce stationery waste in office then you can write a letter for the same. All you need to do is send a mail stressing on the importance of using less of paper and being more responsible toward environment. Highlight everyone that every paper used is leading to a tree being cut. Encourage people to use more of soft copies until and unless a hard copy is required. This mail should not include penalties or any kind of tough words but motivational statements requesting minimize use of stationery by everyone.

Shared below is the format for writing letter to reduce stationery waste in the office.

Format for Letter to Reduce Stationary Waste in Office

Sub: Reducing Stationery Waste in Office

To all our employees,

Trees are very important for us and for our coming generations and therefore, we all must work in synergy to save them. We all can contribute on saving trees by reducing usage of paper stationery in the office. Technology has made it possible for us to share more and more information in digital format. Together, we can save from more trees being cut by using paper stationery to the least possible levels.

We request all our employees to you use paper stationery only under unavoidable situations. By being more vigilant on usage of paper, together we can certainly begin this change. We are hopeful that all the employees are going to contribute towards this noble cause by using less of paper and working on lessening the stationery waste.

Looking forward on reducing stationery waste in office together.

With regards,

Ramesh Sinha


Excel Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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