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Mock Interview Rating Sheet

I have attached mock interview rating sheet in word format.


Interviewer’s RATING of partner

Question number(s)*


Overall grade

Level 0 Written application

Level 1 Gentle Start (8 questions)
Level 2 Let’s turn up the heat up a little bit! (9 questions)
Level 3 Turning the heat up more (16 questions)
Level 4 Good so far, let’s find out more about him or her (11 questions)
Level 5 This could be the person, let’s delve even deeper (12 questions)
Level 6 The final test. Applying full pressure (11 questions)

*Place a check mark in the square corresponding to the question being asked.


Rating rubric:


Response is clear and focused.  Response indicates an understanding of job and self.  Responses convey confidence and self-absurdness that match credentials


Response is direct.  Response indicates some understanding of job and self.  Responses indicated that more research must be conducted related to job or a better understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses.

Needs Improvement

Response lacks focus or is unclear.  Response indicates little understanding of job or self.  Responses indicate that more research must be conducted related to job and personal strengths and weaknesses.

 Click Here To Download Mock Interview Rating Sheet

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