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Letter Format to Employee for Misbehaving at Workplace

Unprofessional behavior is never appreciated and when an employee misbehaves at workplace, it sometimes attract warning from the management. If an employee has misbehaved in your company then you can always write a warning letter to employee for unprofessional behavior. Just like any other warning letter format, the sample warning letter for misbehavior warns the employee in a formal manner.

This post includes the sample letter to employee for behaving badly at workplace. You can use this sample warning letter for misbehavior for writing an employee warning letter for bad attitude as required by your situation.

Sample Letter to Employee for Behaving Badly at Workplace


Simon Smith

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies


Date: November 25th, 2021


Mr. Andy Jacob

54, Richmond Villas


Dear Andy,

I am writing this letter to inform you that the management has noticed consistent complaints on your unprofessional behavior at workplace. In last couple of months, there have been many episodes wherein you were found to talk rudely to your colleagues and yelling at your juniors.

It was on last Monday itself that you were found yelling at Mr. Charles for not doing his job right. This reaction from your end is not justified as it creates an unhealthy environment at work. You were also found making bad comments about one of your colleagues at the canteen. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

You have been a dedicated employee of our company but through this letter, we are informing you that you must change your actions or else you will have to deal with serious consequences. If you continue to behave in this manner then you might as well lose your job.

We are hopeful that you will take this as a serious warning and will amend your actions.


Simon Smith

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

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