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Laptop Policy

 I have Attached Laptop Policy



Policy objective

To ensure proper management, usage and security of the laptops issued to Employees of K.N Multiprojects & Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd.


Laptops will be allocated to users based upon job responsibilities & to key employees as per Managements decision.


Following are the terms and conditions:-


Ø     Ownership of the Laptop will reside with the company and the same shall be returned to the company upon resignation by\termination of the employee.

Ø     It is the employee’s responsibility to take appropriate precautions to prevent damage to or loss/theft of the Laptop.

Ø     The laptop will be configured with all suitable software & handed over to employee when he/she receives it for the first time. Later on they can install any other software for their smooth working.

Ø     The laptop would be submitted to the HR Dept. during any long-term absence (1 months or more), unless the employee gets an approval from the Director.

Ø     The Employee is responsible for maintaining monthly backup files of their Laptop as an added precaution against data loss.

Ø     As virus causes high damage to laptop, employees are requested to upload antivirus package & update it once a month.

Ø     In case of any damage to the laptop due to employee’s negligence/ misuse, the cost of the damage would be recovered from the employee. If the damage is irreparable then the cost of the Laptop would be recovered.


Ø     The company reserves the sole right to cancel the eligibility of employee to have a company Laptop at any time without giving any prior notice

Ø     While returning the Laptop the employee will get it checked and certified OK by the System operator, H.O in order to ensure that the Laptop is in working conditions with all applications working properly.










Copy to


AGM, CDM, Sr.BM & All MMs


HR Dept.

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