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Discipline letter to an Employee

Discipline letter to an Employee : Discipline letter is issued by the human resource department or senior supervisors in any organization or company at times of commencement of certain unacceptable or unprofessional actions. It serves as a written warning indicating about the consequences the employee will have to face if the letter is overlooked.

Sample letter of discipline to an Employee

Given below is a sample of how to write discipline letters and make it sound strict and professional.

Date: ______________

Name ______________

Address _____________


Dear (Candidate Name),

This is in strict context to your unprofessional behavior at workplace. Even though you have been verbally warned a number of times by your superiors for your late entry, absenteeism and tardiness you do not seem to pay heed to any of those.

This will serve as a written warning letter where we ask you to realize the seriousness of the issue and mend yourself accordingly within 7 days of the acceptance of this letter. If not, we will be forced to go the other way which might result in your termination.

Hope you will improve your performance with immediate effect.

Thanks and regards,


Manager Human Resource

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