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Warning Letter to Employee for Careless Attitude That Caused Financial Loss

Every company has certain work ethics and every employee has some personality traits but sometimes when there is a mismatch, problems surface. No matter what the situation is, a careless attitude is never appreciated by any company. Writing a warming letter to employee for careless behavior is a formal way of addressing the problem. If the attitude of an employee has caused financial loss to the company then writing warming letter for carelessness at work is important.

In this post, we have come up with a warming letter to an employee for carelessness Attitude That Caused Financial Loss. You can use this Warning letter writing format to create a personalized letter in accordance with your situation.

Sample Warning Letter to an Employee for Carelessness


James Gibbs

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies


Date: August 11, 2021


Mr. Charlie Hobbs

54, Richmond Apartments


Sub: Warning letter for carelessness

Dear Charlie,

As you are aware that at Zenith Technologies, we have high standards when it comes to work ethics and that is what we expect all of our employees to follow. Time and again we have stressed on professional behavior and right conduct to our employees.

I have come across an email from your team leader that highlighted your unprofessional behavior at a recent meeting with one of our most important clients. Your team leader mentioned that your careless attitude towards creating a presentation for the upcoming project really disappointed our client and because of that we have lost their account. This kind of behavior which brings the company a bad name and leads to financial losses is certainly not acceptable. Therefore, the Management has decided to suspend you for two weeks.

I assume that you are well aware of the Company’s policy on suspension but if in case you have any doubts then you can get in touch with the HR department and the same will be explained to you in detail. We are hopeful that in future you will be more careful with your work and will not behave in a manner that is considered inappropriate.


James Gibbs

HR Manager

Zenith Technologies

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